Shilanjan. The word is my own creation, a word that’s the very essence of my existence.

My Maa’s name is Shila and my father’s name is Niranjan. And, when you bind them together with the glue called love, you get the progeny, Shilanjan which is me.

I made it up in my thoughts one day when my Maa was searching for a name to start her business with. Though she liked the name she didn’t use it for her business. But, that makes up for a different story.

There was something so amazing about this word that it would always make me smile and fill me with some sort of pride. Ergo, I began to use the name all the way more often. For instance, when I would be jaded in my class, I would open up the back of the notebook and begin to scribble the text “Shilanjan” in variegated handwritings and patterns. In no time I would be so engrossed in this activity that I would totally forget that I was in a class.

Then, very recently I came across a series of videos on Internet where various top notch cricketers replaced the name on their t-shirts with their mother’s name. For instance, Virat Kohli had Saroj (His mother’s name) printed on the back of his t-shirt. I was inspired and imbued by it. I loved the idea.

Hitherto then I had been using my father’s name as my middle name. But, that day I didn’t even wait for a second. The first thing I did after I ended up watching that video was- I logged onto Quora and changed my middle name to Shilanjan. And, that’s how Jayant Niranjan Mundhra became Jayant Shilanjan Mundhra.

Ever since then I always take immense pride in taking my complete name.

I know that someday I am going to make it big in life. And, I also know that this process is a slow one and I will have to garner a large number of smaller achievements. And, at every one of those milestones I want to make sure that it’s not just my father’s name that the world would get to know. I want the world to recognize my Maa as well for my deeds and achievements.

And, that makes this word so special and endeared to me. My first name was given to me by my parents. I didn’t choose it. My surname came attached by birth and I didn’t choose it either. But, this particular word completes me in the every form, and I chose it. That’s the greatness attached to it for me.

And, that’s how my Pen Name- “Shilanjan” came into existence!

Bliss and regards,