I stumbled upon Jayant’s work on Quora. Jayant mostly writes about life, learnings and his personal experiences but his style sets him apart. He immediately catches your eye. The crisp refreshing tone will hold you to read more and more.

Jayant always has a story to tell. You can feel his enthusiasm and positivity as you read his excerpts. You will find every emotion in his writings beautifully weaved into words. He knows how to balance the emotions. There is loss, there is happiness, there are mistakes, there are goals but every time there is a lesson, a hope and the immense amount of goodness which leaves you smiling.

He definitely has makings of an amazing writer. Jayant is always aware of the genre he is writing in. You ‘ll immediately notice a literary swing when he talks about life. He delivers his emotions so strongly through words that they percolate right to the reader’s heart. You understand and sense his feeling clearly.

The best part is Jayant is completely different when he writes about politics or socio-political topics. He has a pragmatic approach while dealing with such topics which makes him balanced and unbiased. Jayant is not a genre bound writer. He writes about myriad things touching each with a different pen altogether and there is always a lot to take away.

I would highly recommend him as a writer if you are seeking for a fresh take on inspiration, motivation, positivity and a lot of and smiles and laughs. For those who have an unstinting hunger of learning a new thing every day hurry up, there is a maverick in making. Well, that’s what we all call him on Quora.