screenshot-from-2017-02-04-133750I have known Jayant for quite some time now and I find a brother and a very good friend in him.

Coming to his works, he basically doesn’t write to make others feel good. But perhaps want to share his views and keep people enlightened. And that serves the purpose. It is not about those sugar coated words but about the harsh realities of life in a tranquillizing way. At times it’s brutally honest – straight from the heart.

Going through his words is a kind of emotional roller coaster for me. It can range from being overwhelmed by emotional stuff to feeling super charged and motivated at the same time. His work emits abundant optimism and is quite exemplary. It can set a benchmark. He can talk and discuss anything ranging from Indian politics, human behaviour to love and relationships.

It is quite obvious, that people won’t prefer too much of philosophy and those comforting words. But it’s quite convincing to go through the common mishaps of a real life and learning something out of it. His work mostly comprises of his own experiences, reflecting his ability to quote an example for every single question or a query. This reflects his super active mind and a sharply observant nature.

Personally, I have benefited a lot from whatever he writes.

Stuti Suchak