Jayant also known by his pen name Shilanjan, I first came across this guy through an answer he wrote on Quora, naturally due to the sheer genius of the answer, I was drawn to read more and i clicked the follow button. Reading, I came to know how his life was rattled by the sudden jerk of losing his father at the tender age of 19, just before the start of his college. At the stage when most of us would feel lost, he put himself together and found the inspiration to write about his feelings.

Now,he is the Quora ‘guru’ (over 2.1 Mn views and 5K followers amazing!!) with his writings ranging from everyday life hacks to life lessons he learns everyday from the minutest of things to the morals he lives by. I must admit his answers are a little long but people read them tells something about the connect he has.

He is a man on a mission, set to be the change, spreading his philosophy of love and peace and to be the guide for people in distress like the one he needed in his own. His answers made me realize, how wrong I was taking the love of my family for granted and how I needed to change the double life I am living.

One of the things that leaves me awestruck is his damn vocab. Also the amount of maturity he has for a 21 year old is amazing. He does not procrastinate, which is evident by the fact that he has already launched his website, wishing him success for it and all future endeavors of his.

Shubham Dhamija