shreya pic.JPGAround 8-9 months back, I stumbled upon a Quora profile and I’d never been this intrigued by somebody’s answers before. There was something so different, so raw and so motivating about the words written by this guy that I remember, I spent a lot of time going through his answers and blogs.

His “Miracle Mornings” posts brought me to his website and I went on to read almost all his posts and was honestly, left in awe. Neither had I met him before this, nor had I talked to him. Yet, the sincerity and honesty of his words left me spellbound and make an instant connect. I wondered, how did I never come across this awesome person before!

Some energies are contagious. So are his. Anyone who has met this guy would agree that the vibrancy of his nature are pure bliss. The constant desire to improve himself, learn something new everyday, make his parents proud and to make an influence make everyone around him yearn for their individual personal growth. And that I believe is not a small achievement. From my personal experience I could say that I’ve improved and grew a lot ever since I came in his contact.

You don’t even have to meet his parents to know them. His words have described them so beautifully that it feels that he has kept his father and his learnings alive through his regular write ups about him. What’s more awesome is that he is already in process of writing his first book which will be dedicated to his awesome father. I am eagerly waiting to get my hands on that book with ‘Jayant Shilanjan Mundhra’ written in bold at the author’s place. This prodigy is soon going to turn an author and add another feather on his cap.

What’s not to learn and get inspired from him?

Shreya Agrawal