11139985_923064507781423_2366491885284427724_n.jpgHe was a mess. Mess of feelings, desires, dreams, expectations and temper. He wanted to do something big. He was looking out for his destiny. He was figuring out his superpowers. I remember the times when he started writing. He shared some of his poems which were very funny. I asked him what he is doing these holidays and he said I want to write well.

I want to improve my writing skills. When everyone in our institute is racing towards coding and software development, he chose a different path. He didn’t dream for it but it is something that became his dream. To be a writer became his dream.

As a reader, his writings widens my horizon of thoughts. The kind of words he choose always leaves a mark of positivity. He writes so much on Quora and it is only because of him, I was introduced to this vast platform and I used to open Quora just for reading his answers only.

Writing skills are not something he has been gifted. He has worked really very hard to be the person he is today. He was very desperate to write good things and he diligently worked for it. He has read a lot of books and this is the reason he has so much knowledge about each and every thing.

There are some persons who write really well but their thoughts do not match to their personality. But this man, he is an exception. He writes what he thinks. His processing of thoughts is so fast. Whenever you are in trouble just read his work.

I am sure his writings will definitely boost up your energy level because I have myself tried this. When you listen to him the feeling is exactly similar to reading his articles or answers. So I must say, his writings are surreal and true. The words he writes, originates straight from the core of his heart.

By the way I just forgot to tell his name 😛

He is the one and only Jayant Shilanjan Mundhra

Shivani Mandeliya