15732382_760812857406148_8142405002164978568_oThere is a lot I can describe Jayant, I meet him nearly daily being from the same college. But here I will describe what I know about him through his writings only.

So, I met Jayant through the Quora platform. I was a silent follower of his regular posts. I simply loved them. They were practical, motivating, full of enthusiasm and energy. He is a passionate reader, a man who follows his words as a religion, loves his kindle and writes wonderfully.

He contributes 2-3 new words to my naïve vocabulary daily. He calls himself maverick, I guarantee you he is one. He is one of the most humble people I have ever found, a constant supporter and a motivator. Feels like having a big brother in college far from family.

I feel addicted to his posts. Some days when he posts nothing, I feel a deep urge to read. His words not only tell a story, but he has a unique power to display his emotions and make them ours.

So keep writing! You have motivated many including me to follow their dreams. All the best!

Rishabh Jain