I am avid reader and I never read books. I have hardly read any book till the last page. So far as reading is concerned I read blogs, I read articles, I read editorials, and I read real life stories. Moreover I read writing stuffs of young generation since I am concerned about where youth of India is leading to.

The other day I happened to have come across Jayant’s blog on Quora. And I kept reading since I liked whatever he wrote. Really speaking, I am great admirer of his writing!! I got surprised by his writing work. It was too real and genuine. Based on real life experience. His solutions on different situations are more practical than based on so called ‘positive thinking life theories’ (I am lost for words to express what exactly I thought) one can get inspiration from your writing. One may find motivation too.

Your writing work imply that adversities, complexities, tragedies and hardship are the part of everyone’s life. Yes it is. But every individuals life story is different because it depends on the ‘perceptions’ and this is how every individual has different life story.

We all are writing our life story. And it going according to our perceptions and our lookout towards the problems difficulties tragedies, happiness and so on. And it is the perceptions made by every individual that makes a unique and beautiful life story.

His writing talk about expanding perceptions, talking about exploring good possibilities in available resources. His writing can give direction to the people who got stuck in mud of negativity (negative perceptions towards life) to come out of it.

Priyanka Tripathi