Hello Jayant bhaiya, so I would like to share with you what I think about your writing. So I was introduced to your beautiful writing skills around 6 months ago. And from my personal experience I am saying this that whatever you write has power to greatly influence young minds and today’s generation. 🙂

Your articles give positive vibes to its readers. Whenever I start reading any of your articles, I can feel that positivity I receive on reading each and every line.

Every piece of your writing make me and I think majority of its readers realize their actual worth.

You don’t write any theoretical things in your articles but whatever you write is based on real life experience. And I think that’s the best thing.

You take notice of each and every moment and experience of your life and beautifully pen them down that how those experiences changed your life, what were your mistakes and how a simple small gesture can have a great influence on someone’s life.

Through your writing, you share your achievements, how hard you have to work to achieve them and how beautifully you help and contribute to all those unprivileged children around you. All these motivate the readers so much.

And yaa at last, the quality of English of your writings is simply enticing and your vocabulary has its own beauty! 😀

So keep writing!! And keep sharing your experiences. Your writings have that power to influence young minds. 🙂

Best of luck!!!

Manisha Choudhary