main-qimg-f3a970f41dbc3bcd00e154b317d48d62-c.jpgI have known Jayant for about a decade now. Jayant was nowhere close to this maverick ‘Shilanjan’. His novelty is impeccable.

While he himself accepts his transformation from a dull quiet kid to an inspirational boombox of energy(in his own words), he is much more to me than just a guy who writes extremely well or someone who transformed himself or is immensely mature.

To me, Shilanjan is a blessing in the form of a friend whom I can always look up to for guidance and inspiration, someone I can confide in.

The way he has handled all the adversities that life has thrown his way and used it all to self betterment is worth all the plaudits in the world. Also, his staunch faith in the “Choose Yourself” theory will inspire thousands like me in the days to come.

Be it his huge stash of vocabulary in his genius mind or his amazing skill or writing or his amazing approach towards life, this guy is simply the best.

Thank you, Jayant Shilanjan Mundhra for being what you are.

Keshav Soni