Last year at that time I was not that addicted to Quora but because I love reading in my free time, I open Quora that day. I was just scrolling down and read a person’s answer with something interesting about him…I liked that. I opened his profile and also liked another answer then one after another. I was so interested to reading those I didn’t even think about time.

On one answer I was like wow his vocabulary is superb yr. I should really work hard on my English. The second one I was like wow his character is so good and different. If all boys think the same how many good things can happen on Earth! Then on another one I was like wow he is loving also.

Oh on another one I was wondering how can a person do these type of many things in a day and never get frustrated. Oh wow his way of thinking is so different from the other people. At last, really Jayant you are really such a motivated person. And you know what you really grown up a lot.

Now in every answer there is I think one word that I need to search in dictionary. Haha 😛 And, you know what, I learned a lot of things from you. Thanks a lot. Stay blessed. Keep writing and keep growing 🙂

Apeksha Sharma