shreya pic.JPGAround 8-9 months back, I stumbled upon a Quora profile and I’d never been this intrigued by somebody’s answers before. There was something so different, so raw and so motivating about the words written by this guy that I remember, I spent a lot of time going through his answers and blogs.

His “Miracle Mornings” posts brought me to his website and I went on to read almost all his posts and was honestly, left in awe. Neither had I met him before this, nor had I talked to him. Yet, the sincerity and honesty of his words left me spellbound and make an instant connect. I wondered, how did I never come across this awesome person before!

Some energies are contagious. So are his. Anyone who has met this guy would agree that the vibrancy of his nature are pure bliss. The constant desire to improve himself, learn something new everyday, make his parents proud and to make an influence make everyone around him yearn for their individual personal growth. And that I believe is not a small achievement. From my personal experience I could say that I’ve improved and grew a lot ever since I came in his contact.

You don’t even have to meet his parents to know them. His words have described them so beautifully that it feels that he has kept his father and his learnings alive through his regular write ups about him. What’s more awesome is that he is already in process of writing his first book which will be dedicated to his awesome father. I am eagerly waiting to get my hands on that book with ‘Jayant Shilanjan Mundhra’ written in bold at the author’s place. This prodigy is soon going to turn an author and add another feather on his cap.

What’s not to learn and get inspired from him?

Shreya Agrawal



Shreya Agrawal

Last year at that time I was not that addicted to Quora but because I love reading in my free time, I open Quora that day. I was just scrolling down and read a person’s answer with something interesting about him…I liked that. I opened his profile and also liked another answer then one after another. I was so interested to reading those I didn’t even think about time.

On one answer I was like wow his vocabulary is superb yr. I should really work hard on my English. The second one I was like wow his character is so good and different. If all boys think the same how many good things can happen on Earth! Then on another one I was like wow he is loving also.

Oh on another one I was wondering how can a person do these type of many things in a day and never get frustrated. Oh wow his way of thinking is so different from the other people. At last, really Jayant you are really such a motivated person. And you know what you really grown up a lot.

Now in every answer there is I think one word that I need to search in dictionary. Haha 😛 And, you know what, I learned a lot of things from you. Thanks a lot. Stay blessed. Keep writing and keep growing 🙂

Apeksha Sharma

Apeksha Sharma

I am avid reader and I never read books. I have hardly read any book till the last page. So far as reading is concerned I read blogs, I read articles, I read editorials, and I read real life stories. Moreover I read writing stuffs of young generation since I am concerned about where youth of India is leading to.

The other day I happened to have come across Jayant’s blog on Quora. And I kept reading since I liked whatever he wrote. Really speaking, I am great admirer of his writing!! I got surprised by his writing work. It was too real and genuine. Based on real life experience. His solutions on different situations are more practical than based on so called ‘positive thinking life theories’ (I am lost for words to express what exactly I thought) one can get inspiration from your writing. One may find motivation too.

Your writing work imply that adversities, complexities, tragedies and hardship are the part of everyone’s life. Yes it is. But every individuals life story is different because it depends on the ‘perceptions’ and this is how every individual has different life story.

We all are writing our life story. And it going according to our perceptions and our lookout towards the problems difficulties tragedies, happiness and so on. And it is the perceptions made by every individual that makes a unique and beautiful life story.

His writing talk about expanding perceptions, talking about exploring good possibilities in available resources. His writing can give direction to the people who got stuck in mud of negativity (negative perceptions towards life) to come out of it.

Priyanka Tripathi

Priyanka Tripathi

11139985_923064507781423_2366491885284427724_n.jpgHe was a mess. Mess of feelings, desires, dreams, expectations and temper. He wanted to do something big. He was looking out for his destiny. He was figuring out his superpowers. I remember the times when he started writing. He shared some of his poems which were very funny. I asked him what he is doing these holidays and he said I want to write well.

I want to improve my writing skills. When everyone in our institute is racing towards coding and software development, he chose a different path. He didn’t dream for it but it is something that became his dream. To be a writer became his dream.

As a reader, his writings widens my horizon of thoughts. The kind of words he choose always leaves a mark of positivity. He writes so much on Quora and it is only because of him, I was introduced to this vast platform and I used to open Quora just for reading his answers only.

Writing skills are not something he has been gifted. He has worked really very hard to be the person he is today. He was very desperate to write good things and he diligently worked for it. He has read a lot of books and this is the reason he has so much knowledge about each and every thing.

There are some persons who write really well but their thoughts do not match to their personality. But this man, he is an exception. He writes what he thinks. His processing of thoughts is so fast. Whenever you are in trouble just read his work.

I am sure his writings will definitely boost up your energy level because I have myself tried this. When you listen to him the feeling is exactly similar to reading his articles or answers. So I must say, his writings are surreal and true. The words he writes, originates straight from the core of his heart.

By the way I just forgot to tell his name 😛

He is the one and only Jayant Shilanjan Mundhra

Shivani Mandeliya

Shivani Mandeliya

16707067_774542119371316_1440820362_nI am very fond of Jayant’s writing, and it took me just one answers of his on Quora to get addicted to anything and everything that he writes! There is not one post of his which I haven’t read and appreciated.

There is an instant connect that you feel with his writing which is so hard to come across otherwise. Even before we started conversing, I had created in my mind his image as an enthusiastic, motivated young man with a lot of talent to make it big in life and more importantly, a loving son and a responsible citizen; such is his potential.

His posts are relevant to our generation, and it feels good to read topics you feel strongly about. I see him as a very successful writer in the near future. Welcome to Shilanjan Ki Duniya and Happy Reading!

Ankita Roy

Ankita Roy

I know Jayant as we are in the same college. He has a talent to express his feelings in a very impressive manner and this fact can be proved by all his posts which are truly inspiring. He is a true example to demonstrate that success comes if you do what you actually love to do.

He has leveled up as a writer with his each post and has a great command over his language. He has achieved a lot till date and surely there is a lot to come. He has brought smile on many people’s faces either with his posts or through his act of kindness.

He is not only a great writer but a great friend too. There are very few people who have guts to overcome their fears and Jayant is one of them. His self-confidence and belief in his own writings will surely help him to be a great writer. So keep writing and All the Best !!

Deepanshu Aggarwal


Deepanshu Aggarwal

It is my pleasure to write about Jayant Shilanjan Mundhra. I came across his profile recently and was very impressed by his crisp and meaning answers in Quora. He is like my younger brother. I am short of anecdotes to describe him as he is so lively,diligent, versatile,verbose and well-versed etc.

He exudes maturity much beyond his age and it is reflected in his writings and answers. He lost his father and it seems that he was very close to his dad. I wish him successful,gleeful life. I am sure he will do wonders in his life and attain pinnacle of success.

I wish him for all his future endeavors.

Siddarth Tiwari

Siddarth Tiwari

main-qimg-f3a970f41dbc3bcd00e154b317d48d62-c.jpgI have known Jayant for about a decade now. Jayant was nowhere close to this maverick ‘Shilanjan’. His novelty is impeccable.

While he himself accepts his transformation from a dull quiet kid to an inspirational boombox of energy(in his own words), he is much more to me than just a guy who writes extremely well or someone who transformed himself or is immensely mature.

To me, Shilanjan is a blessing in the form of a friend whom I can always look up to for guidance and inspiration, someone I can confide in.

The way he has handled all the adversities that life has thrown his way and used it all to self betterment is worth all the plaudits in the world. Also, his staunch faith in the “Choose Yourself” theory will inspire thousands like me in the days to come.

Be it his huge stash of vocabulary in his genius mind or his amazing skill or writing or his amazing approach towards life, this guy is simply the best.

Thank you, Jayant Shilanjan Mundhra for being what you are.

Keshav Soni


Keshav Soni

There are some writers impress us by their words and there are some who motivates us. And believe me you are the latter one.

There is a motive hidden in every of your writeups and that’s the best thing about them. Sometimes the motive is pretty clear but sometimes you have to dig a little.

Thanks for motivating, thanks for telling us your stories, thanks for making us believe if you can do it everyone can.

I cherish everything about your answers. Hope to see more of them.

All the best for your future.

Tanya Jain

Tanya Jain

I stumbled upon Jayant’s work on Quora. Jayant mostly writes about life, learnings and his personal experiences but his style sets him apart. He immediately catches your eye. The crisp refreshing tone will hold you to read more and more.

Jayant always has a story to tell. You can feel his enthusiasm and positivity as you read his excerpts. You will find every emotion in his writings beautifully weaved into words. He knows how to balance the emotions. There is loss, there is happiness, there are mistakes, there are goals but every time there is a lesson, a hope and the immense amount of goodness which leaves you smiling.

He definitely has makings of an amazing writer. Jayant is always aware of the genre he is writing in. You ‘ll immediately notice a literary swing when he talks about life. He delivers his emotions so strongly through words that they percolate right to the reader’s heart. You understand and sense his feeling clearly.

The best part is Jayant is completely different when he writes about politics or socio-political topics. He has a pragmatic approach while dealing with such topics which makes him balanced and unbiased. Jayant is not a genre bound writer. He writes about myriad things touching each with a different pen altogether and there is always a lot to take away.

I would highly recommend him as a writer if you are seeking for a fresh take on inspiration, motivation, positivity and a lot of and smiles and laughs. For those who have an unstinting hunger of learning a new thing every day hurry up, there is a maverick in making. Well, that’s what we all call him on Quora.

Swati Mamgain