Last year at that time I was not that addicted to Quora but because I love reading in my free time, I open Quora that day. I was just scrolling down and read a person’s answer with something interesting about him…I liked that. I opened his profile and also liked another answer then one after … Continue reading Apeksha Sharma

Apeksha Sharma

I am avid reader and I never read books. I have hardly read any book till the last page. So far as reading is concerned I read blogs, I read articles, I read editorials, and I read real life stories. Moreover I read writing stuffs of young generation since I am concerned about where youth … Continue reading Priyanka Tripathi

Priyanka Tripathi

He was a mess. Mess of feelings, desires, dreams, expectations and temper. He wanted to do something big. He was looking out for his destiny. He was figuring out his superpowers. I remember the times when he started writing. He shared some of his poems which were very funny. I asked him what he is … Continue reading Shivani Mandeliya

Shivani Mandeliya

I am very fond of Jayant's writing, and it took me just one answers of his on Quora to get addicted to anything and everything that he writes! There is not one post of his which I haven't read and appreciated. There is an instant connect that you feel with his writing which is so … Continue reading Ankita Roy

Ankita Roy

I know Jayant as we are in the same college. He has a talent to express his feelings in a very impressive manner and this fact can be proved by all his posts which are truly inspiring. He is a true example to demonstrate that success comes if you do what you actually love to … Continue reading Deepanshu Aggarwal

Deepanshu Aggarwal

It is my pleasure to write about Jayant Shilanjan Mundhra. I came across his profile recently and was very impressed by his crisp and meaning answers in Quora. He is like my younger brother. I am short of anecdotes to describe him as he is so lively,diligent, versatile,verbose and well-versed etc. He exudes maturity much … Continue reading Siddarth Tiwari

Siddarth Tiwari

I have known Jayant for about a decade now. Jayant was nowhere close to this maverick 'Shilanjan'. His novelty is impeccable. While he himself accepts his transformation from a dull quiet kid to an inspirational boombox of energy(in his own words), he is much more to me than just a guy who writes extremely well or someone who transformed … Continue reading Keshav Soni

Keshav Soni

There are some writers impress us by their words and there are some who motivates us. And believe me you are the latter one. There is a motive hidden in every of your writeups and that's the best thing about them. Sometimes the motive is pretty clear but sometimes you have to dig a little. … Continue reading Tanya Jain

Tanya Jain

I stumbled upon Jayant’s work on Quora. Jayant mostly writes about life, learnings and his personal experiences but his style sets him apart. He immediately catches your eye. The crisp refreshing tone will hold you to read more and more. Jayant always has a story to tell. You can feel his enthusiasm and positivity as … Continue reading Swati Mamgain

Swati Mamgain

Jayant also known by his pen name Shilanjan, I first came across this guy through an answer he wrote on Quora, naturally due to the sheer genius of the answer, I was drawn to read more and i clicked the follow button. Reading, I came to know how his life was rattled by the sudden … Continue reading Shubham Dhamija

Shubham Dhamija