Quote #15: Mother Teresa Over Barbies.

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Is Feminism A Misnomer For The Cause It Stands For?

Greetings Reader! Owing to malevolent societal paradigms and practices like patriarchy and others, the female sex had been and is still somewhat oppressed when compared to their counterpart sex. And, there are a plenty such examples to enumerate here which plague our society in the present. The women being paid lesser than their gender counterparts … Continue reading Is Feminism A Misnomer For The Cause It Stands For?

Nugget-9: A Woman Does Not Need A Man To Live!

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Nugget-4: Women’s Day & Mother’s Day.

Greetings Reader, On the 8th of March every year, people all over the Globe observe the International Women's Day. And, many of those people also take to social media, speeches, videos and various other means to express their gratitude to the women in their lives. Many prepare or buy gifts for their beloved wives and … Continue reading Nugget-4: Women’s Day & Mother’s Day.

Opinion-2: First Feminism. Now, “Man”inism?

Greetings! About two weeks back I had participated in a debate competition at my College by the student's forum AASF where I stood second. In the final round I was given the topic, "Is Feminism Turning into Superiority of a Sex Over Another?" I had to favour the notion. Once I was done, my college … Continue reading Opinion-2: First Feminism. Now, “Man”inism?

Rise of the FemiNazi Culture.

Feminazi : A Feminazi is basically a person who uses the cause of Feminism for ill-jobs based on gender disputes. These days our nation is witnessing a wave of Feminazis. On the name of feminism, a battle of sexes is being born. These Feminazis have created a mess in the society. Now, an all new … Continue reading Rise of the FemiNazi Culture.

My Choice! Is that Feminism ?

When we talk of Feminism, only one thing comes to mind, i.e. “Equal Opportunity for women”. Equal Opportunity to employment and education. Equal opportunity to choose your life partner. Equal opportunity to raise voice against any odds or evils in the society. I don’t think that any learned or educated person would think that “Feminism” … Continue reading My Choice! Is that Feminism ?