It’s up to me what kind of a life I desire to live- The one which can be summed up in a book or the one which cannot be compiled even in a plethora of books. I chose the latter, and I’m working for the same. It’s all about the choices I make and the principles I live by. That is something that I am extremely sure about myself. Keep reading if you would like to know more.

There are two type of people in this world. The first type is the one who live like a leaf in a fall wind. They veer into whatever direction the wind blows and are carried away to aberrant paths without any motive or principles to guide them. And, then there is the second type. The one which lives with a mission, an end goal. These people live life on their own terms as they know that only they can lead themselves to the enlightened path of success.

I’m from the second kind. I have a mission. As someone once told me, “I am in this world for a purpose, which will only be unfolded at the right time.” However it’s not that easy either. If I’m going to sit idle on my cozy couch waiting for the right time to arrive, it’s never going to happen. I will have to search for it and be deserving for it. And, only then shall the right time come when my purpose will be crystal clear to me. My mission until then is to keep exploring and venturing my abilities and myself as a whole.

About three month ago I did not know that I could suppress my desires if they were leading me to doom. About four months ago I did not know I would soon turn into an avid reader. About six months ago I never knew that I could perform 450 push-ups in a day. About a year ago I did not know that I could write up to 1500 words in an hour. About a year and a half ago I did not know I could win a girl’s heart. About two years back I did not know if my life was possible without my father.

But now I know those things. Over this time span I have discovered in me such inner abilities, ideas, thoughts and traits which I never thought I would ever be associated with. And, the best part being that I am learning more and more about myself at an amazing rate. And, this experience of self-discovery is simply enthralling and exhorting. I could not be happier and merrier.

I am sure that somewhere at some point of this journey of self-discovery, I will eventually find my purpose of being in this world. I will know then the way I can contribute to this society and the universe as a rent for the space that I occupy here.

That is how I plan to ensure that my life does not become a boring saga of a boy who became an IT engineer and then spent life moving from cubicles to cubicles, cabins to cabins, offices to offices, until he shifted to a coffin and was left to rot. To me that is equivalent to being dead now but being buried several years later. And, that kind of a life sucks. It’s terrible!

That is not how I intend to live my life. That is not the principle that I follow. I live to make sure that I make every iota of my life amount to something special and worthwhile. And, I know that I’ll make it happen. And, that’s my philosophy of life.