Almost a year back, I was shopping on the busy GKM area of Gwalior, India with a bunch of friends. I don’t precisely remember what we were talking about, but one of my friends had dared me to do bhangra dancing right there in front of one of the shops.

Now, imagine. There were hundreds of people present at the busy junction. The area was full of hustle-bustle. If someone like me would begin to jump around like a fool in the middle of all those people, those people were poised to shift their eye-balls right onto me.

It would have been really embarrassing. So many people would have noticed. I would have made a dumb clown out of me. All those thoughts were deluging my mind, when a thought struck like a lightning bolt into my head!

“How many of these people in the crowd know me?” I asked myself. Answer- Excluding my stupid friends, Zero!

So, what was there to lose? Why would it be embarrassing at all? As none of those hundreds of people knew about me. And, guess what? I danced like a fool. People watched and kept passing by. My friends kept laughing and burst into splits. And, the best part- I created one hell of a memory!

So, who cares what people will think? People have work to do, and lives to live. People are busy. They may talk about your act for a while. But, then they will forget about it and move on with their own lives and chores.

I do what makes me happy and adds joys to my life. I try to make the most of my life for myself. I don’t care about what opinion the ones around me carry of me. What I care about is the love and respect I carry for myself and my beliefs. And, that mindset makes me a Maverick.