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This is Shilanjan. Actually, that’s my pen name. My actual identity is by the name of Jayant Mundhra. I am a budding writer in the making. Someone who believes that there is no greater force than words. Ergo, writing has been a part of my daily rituals for over two years now. Although, before I say anything more, I have a confession to make.

So, here is the deal. I suck at grammar and English. A Grammar Nazi may say- I am miserable at writing and it’s nothing lesser than a crime to call myself a writer. But, I still commit that crime every single day. I do that by believing in one simple quote by sage writer Robin Sharma- “If your life is worth thinking about, it’s worth writing about.”

I remember older times when I used to try to write but used to run out of words by the time I reached 500-600 words. A thousand words at one go used to be a big feat for me. But, ever since I came across that quote, writer’s block became a thing of the past. After all, I have life experiences worth 22 years to think and thus write about. So, how could I have run out of words and thoughts at all!

So, here I am promoting myself. I am here to build a big list of followers and regular readers. Why? So that when the day comes when my first book hits the, I wish to have a lot of people who would willingly read it and provide me with their feedback which I yearn for the most.

I welcome you to be a part of this journey. Help me. Criticize me. If you like my work, appreciate me. And, if you have any constructive suggestions, please drop them by the messages. I will be damn thankful as you people will be helping a novice like me build into a better wordsmith one day.

There are two cases which are about to arise by the time you have reached this word- Either you would like to be a part of this journey, or you would not. In case you would like to be a part of it, then join me in and Subscribe to my page by submitting your Email ID on that block in the sidebar. I will keep you abreast with my daily posts and will try my best to give you a pleasure reading experience. That’s my commitment.

However, in case you are not intrigued, feel free to move on to something that is more useful or worthwhile in your perspective. I don’t wish to hold the guilt for wasting anyone’s precious time and resources.

I am a work in progress. I am destined to achieve greatness. And, this blog is my step towards realizing that big picture. And, I would love to have you accompanying me in this journey to my heyday. Bliss!



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  1. For me you are:

    More like a hero out of a movie!
    flashing a set of perfectly ultra white teeth every time you smile! 🙂
    As if you just finished shooting a commercial for tooth pastes!\(>_<)/..!!
    And ofcourse! your words always has a dragging effect on us..the readers 😀

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