A day before releasing my book ‘Redemption of a Son‘, I was on a call with a fellow author who had self-published his book almost a year ago. He said a few things to me that were quite tough to accept and digest.

Those things were the following:

#1 About Relatives

Your relatives won’t read your book. If 100 of them would say that they will read the book, hardly 5 of them will actually do that. So, don’t rely on them.

Many of them would not really be happy about you achieving something. And, most others would be happy for you, but won’t really care to spend the money and invest the time into reading your book.

My experience?

Absolutely true. Vindicated and corroborated.

#2 About Friends

Only your closest friends will read your book. And, a few others will. But most others won’t. They will tell you that they have exams coming up. Or that there is too much workload at office. Or maybe something else.

Meanwhile, every next day you will keep coming across newer Instagram stories, in which they would be partying somewhere, going out, or maybe even reading someone else’s book. They will have time for everything else but won’t have time for you and your book. Why? Because we always make up time for things that matter to us. Period.

My experience?

Absolutely true. Another harsh truth vindicated and corroborated.

But, having said all of that, this author friend of mine also told me one other thing. And, this one was not about who won’t read my book. Instead, it was about who would definitely read my book.

He said,

Only the ones who have read a lot of your works before and know how good and religiously dedicated you are with your writing, only they will read your book. Ones who know that you are freaking good at writing, only and only and only those individuals will give you and your book a shot.

Majority of your readers will, therefore, come from the faction, to which you have proved your mettle.

So, he advised, focus on your Quora followers which you have developed and amassed over almost 3 years. That is your greatest asset. Its them who will make your book a real success, if it will have the potential.

My experience?

Absofuckinglutely true! Nothing could be more sacrosanct.

My book rose to No. 7 Pan-India in its categories of ‘Family’ and ‘Death and Grief’ the very day it was released. It retained that coveted ranking for back to back 3 days.

After that, it was among Top 10 e-books Pan-India for another whole week in its categories. It basically slayed it.

Since then, it has kept moving up and down between Top 20 to Top 50 books in its different categories in all of India. India is pretty darn ginormous, you know. Thus, being relevant among Top 50 books is such a great deal!

My book has been so strong in its rankings despite the fact that I didn’t release any paperbacks at all. So, it has practically been competing with books from a whole lot of authors who have paperbacks out there too. Many of them are acclaimed and established authors. Add to that the point that a very-very minute faction of Indian readers read e-books.

Yet my book and I managed to find so many readers.

How did that happen?

Because so many folks from Quora gave me the shot I direly yearned for. I had worked hard for it. No doubt. And, my folks from Quora knew that they could spend 99 Rupees over my work. They knew it would be worth it. And, so they did.

That’s how it happened for me. All because of the folks from Quora community who have become my greatest asset, my principle reader base, and my ultimate guardian angels. They had been seeing my work for a long time, and they knew I could deliver, and they gave me the only shot I desired. What more could I ask for?

So, let’s get to the point now.

This man, who is typing these words at this moment, he is true to his soul when it comes to his work. I maybe a shrewd and blunt individual. I may have what others call, an attitude problem. I may be a house to 100 other odds. Not maybe, I know I am home to at least 157 other odds. But, but and but!

I am a man of my words.

That’s what even my detractors commend me for. They know that I stand by my words.

So, here is a word I pledge to stand by.

I promise I will always remain grateful to you lovely souls who gave my debut book a shot and believed in me. This is for all those readers of my book, I promise that I will work my ass off with every successive book I write, to ensure that I would always be giving you an experience that will leave you in love with me, and more so in love with yourself for believing in me.

That is the promise I am here to make.

I don’t know all those angels who read my book. But, there are some of them who read the book and later reached out to me. And, to all of those people, I have this to say,

You have practically changed my life. Let me know if someday I can be the guy who can lend a hand in changing yours. I will never say never.


Signing off,

An emotional potato,


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