When I released my book on 21st Oct 2018, I had decided on a few things.

Decision 1:

There will be no monetary investment made towards boosting my reach, whether on Amazon, on Instagram or on Facebook.


I wanted to see how creative and smart I could get with my marketing skills and ideas. My growth was therefore bound to be organic.

I had to let it grow on its own.

Decision 2:

There will be no free copies to give away for reviews or for promotion, as is a common practice among first timer self-published authors.


I respect my work a lot. I know about all the hard work that has gone into making this book a real entity. I have nurtured and crafted it meticulously over a long passage of time, and that’s how this book came into existence. Thus, I know it better than anyone, its worth a lot more than zero value.

I feel that giving away my book for free would mean that I have lost hopes on it, or that I don’t have the patience to see how good it truly is.

My book is baby and I can never give up on it that way.

Decision 3:

There will be no fake or paid reviews, which again is a common practice among authors.


I am a nothing else but a man of ethics. People who know me often charge me with a lot of negatives. Many complain that I have a bit of an ego and attitude problem. But, what almost all of those people also say is that I am a man of morals. That I am impeccable with my principles. And, that is practically the only asset I hold, my integrity.

Ergo, I had to be accountable to my soul.

PS: I agree I do carry with a bit of an attitude. But, I actually admire myself for that.

Thus, as a self-published, first-time author, when I had released my book, I had already set the bar a little too high for myself. I had set myself up against certain first month targets regarding sales and reviews which I wasn’t sure my book would be able to meet.

Turns out, today is Day-29 since release.


I had already achieved and breached all the targets I had set up for myself by Day-27 itself. The book is going strong, and has formed a solid review base on both Amazon and Goodreads for future readers.

Lessons learnt?

Always give your work time and support to grow organically. It surely will.

Think of better and more creative ideas to market your work. Put pressure on your head. Think of a new idea every morning and, execute it by every evening.

The Point is,

Giving away your work for free is not the solution. People don’t value work that comes with a ‘zero’ price or ‘free’ tag. Throwing money around your work to grab eyeballs is not a solution either.

The real solution lies in…

What work you are prepared to put in from your inside, from that head you carry on your shoulders?

Furthermore, have learnt so much in this course.

Trust me when I say this, this experience has taught me more about marketing than my MBA has. Also, this experience has taught me a ginormous lot about people, their psychology, the ease with which they lie, and how easily they say, “Always there for you bro!”

These experience have taught me a tremendous lot. And, these are the real assets that I have earned out of publishing and marketing my book. Not to mention, I surely have more ideas to market my future books or other works than anyone else who simply decided to giveaway his/her book to garner readers. So, that is another big asset. I have myself tried and learnt what works successfully in selling one’s work, and what doesn’t. And, I am continuing to garner new observations and insights every other day. Thus, there is so much I have learnt.

I can go on to list at least 20 other points and lessons that life hadn’t taught me in 23 years but working hard on marketing my book did in less than a month.

Thus, I regurgitate.

Give your work the time to grow. It’s your baby.

Whether it will grow well or not, it totally depends on you. If you’ll give it the support it needs, you won’t have a single reason to rue. That’s a promise. That’s a beautiful reality I have learnt, felt, lived and experienced.

Always learning,


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