Do I love to travel alone in trains? Abso-freaking-lutely!

And, this post is about three reasons why I love that proposition so much. So, let’s cut the chase and begun!


Best way to meet new people.

When travelling alone, I don’t have friends and family to talk to. Or to engage with or play cards along with. Thus, I am free to mingle with stranger co-passengers. To learn about their lives, their passions and aspirations.

And also, about how they earn a livelihood and much more. That is something not much feasible when travelling with someone because then most of your time is spent in conversing or engaging with them only.

With A.K. Chenchad Ji who hails from Ahemdabad, and is a retired BSNL employee who was born before the Independence of India and has grown old with it. I know a lot more about him and about how BSNL has evolved over the years because of my solo journey sitting next to him.

Image sourced from Instagram @jshilanjanm


New challenges to push me beyond my comfort zone.

Every time I am travelling alone, I get exposed to sundry new challenges. Ones which though turn me anxious at the first, but also push me out of my comfort zone eventually. Like the first time I was on a long-distance journey alone. I wanted to go to the potty.

But, I was worried about leaving my laptop bag on the seat unattended. I mean what if someone stole it? I would be screwed. That’s a simple example. It may not be a big deal to many but back then it surely was to me. It still is a big deal.

But I now know ways I can ensure that my laptop is protected even if I am travelling alone. And, that was a lesson I learnt travelling alone and not in packs.


Luxury and leisure like no other.

Solo travels are like a perfect leisure package offering enormous free time to read books, write answers and blogs. And, to watch my favourite movies and binge watch new and popular TV shows. And also to eat without any unwanted interruptions, chit chat, card games et cetera.

Especially I find it tough to read or write when accompanied by someone during the journey because that makes me feel guilty of the thought that the other person may be getting bored because of me. Ergo, unless they are asleep, reading or writing is not that easy for me when not travelling alone.

Reading Javed Akhtar Sahab’s Tarkash at 5:40 AM. Comfortably seated in a train while passing through deep lush green jungles while are silent yet say a bit of something. It’s not an experience which gathers your attention when travelling in a bunch. Mostly it doesn’t.

Those reasons make travelling alone in a train a joy ride for me. Bliss!



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