She is a nurse at my college’s dispensary.

She has been employed here for years. And, every time I visit the dispensary, it’s her smiling and cheerful address which I first look around for.

Whenever I happen to visit the dispensary and discover that she is on a leave, I always experience a second of dullness in my activity. As if, something good is missing.

I don’t belong to her. I don’t even know her name. Never asked for it either. But, I have interacted to her so many times. And, her ingenuity just wins my heart over every time.

She is so cute, and sweet. And, so caring, like its my own grandmother that I am talking to. When she is around, it always feels like family. I embrace every such moment.

She has certain energy in her which imbues, empowers and uplifts even the most uncaring souls. She is love and purity.

One may say that I don’t even know her name. I don’t even care to find out. Because someone rightly said, “What’s in a name?”

What matters is what I hold for her in my heart and head. It’s love, adulation, admiration and reverence. It’s emotions which matter.

Image source: Instagram @jshilanjanm

If and when comes a day that I won’t see her around anymore, I’ll surely miss her. Maybe not a lot. But, there I’ll carry a part of her glimpses with me.

I am certain that her’s is a smiling and memorable face that I am never going to forget all my life. A face which will always draw an upward curve on my face.

P.S.: I am the one who asked this question in the first place. But then I received an A2A request for it from Ruth, and thus came to existence this answer. Bliss!



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