Originally written on May 3rd 2018 on Quora.

Link: Jayant Shilanjan Mundhra‘s answer to What do you do when you are upset?

I learn and I teach.

To be true, I tried this strategy for the first time today. It had not been the best of days. Relations with some dear ones have been on a rough patch.

Then someone forgot years of my association with them and forgot me altogether when she remembered a lot more people who valued her way lesser than I did anyways. And, that just left me a bit too upset.

Then there came up headache and was followed up with a bit of neck pain. So, yeah! Not the best of my days. Girlfriend’s exams are about to begin so I didn’t want to bother her either. Else she would have spent the entire time talking to me than studying.

Thus, at last I rang up best bud Yukti. She didn’t pickup the call. Stupid. So, I ended up doing what I always do. I began to read news. But just the third minute, Yukti called me back and I picked up the call immediately. As if, this was just what I needed at the moment.

I started the conversation with this, “Bhai, tell em what are you upto at IBM? What project are you exactly working on there?” And, in the next 20–25 minutes, I ended up getting an introduction to “Word to Vec Algorithm.”

She gave me such a great intro about how the algorithm works and how she intends to implement it in her project, that I think I am ready to take an introduction session of at least half hour on the subject.

And, by then I was already feeling so damn good. Just so so so very relieved. I never realized that learning something new could have made me feel this better. Learning offsets yearning apparently.

And, by then, I was also in the mood to return the favour. In our previous conversation yesterday, she had decreed that in our upcoming conversations she wanted me to teach her about how economy works and other such topics.

So, I began to explain her why there is always a need for some amount of Inflation in the market and why either of too high or too low inflation augurs bad news for the economy in general.

That was followed by a brief discussion on how interest rates and cash reserve ratios are moved up and down by the RBI from time to time in order to keep the inflation rate of the economy in a safe bracket.

Then I explained to her how such manipulations in interest rates can change the consumer’s buying behaviours thus impacting the demand and supply cycles of different product and service segments in the economy.

And what made me feel awesome in the end was the thing that she found it all so damn intriguing and interesting! I felt so much at peace at that time.

I was damn enervated before that conversation full of first learning and then teaching things. But once I was done with that process, I realized that I was no more dull or vapid. Rather, I was so much energized and at ease. Blissful!

And this realization pushed me to start typing out about it just as soon as I returned back to my room, as during the entire conversation I was on the terrace walking and talking under the starry moon light.

And, that is what I did today when I was upset. And, it worked. Learning made me feel enriched. Teaching made me feel accomplished. In tandem, I felt energized and excited. And, thus came into existence this answer. Bliss!



One thought on “Nugget-50: What Do I Do When I Am Upset?

  1. It has long been stated that doing-what-you-love lifts up your spirits. And, to learn and to teach are two of the basic instincts of we humans. Relation with a dear one has been on a rough ride lately. Learning the Power BI tool to stay afloat.


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