I started to learn English only after I developed a crush over my 6th grade English teacher. She left the school a year and a half later. But my flare and knack for English stayed with me.

Back in November 2017, I deleted over 500 answers I had written in all my stay here hitherto then. First I deleted 324 answers, and wrote this post explaining my reasons. And, then I deleted another 180 answers or so a few days later for the very same reasons.

I believe that being master of one trade is just too mainstream and cliched. A person can be master of multiple domains, and that is what I aspire to be. An acclaimed author, a martial artist, a business tycoon and also a politician in the later half of my life. And, I believe that it is all doable.

I love to draw imaginative pieces of what my life with my beloved would be like in future. In Feb 2018, I even took up a project to draw sketches of certain moments that I would love to live with her. And, I ended up making a seven sketch story. Here is one of those sketches:

Image source: Instagram @jshilanjanm

I learnt to swim on my own without any coach or learned swimmer to teach me. I was in seventh grade when I let myself into a swimming pool for the first time. It took me about four or five months and a near drowning experience to gestate the confidence of a learned swimmer. And, in the end, I had arrived.

I don’t like bouquets. I like living flowers and not broken and dead ones. And, bouquets may seem very beautiful to others, but only make me sad. Sad about the fact that how we humans simply don’t care to realize that because we broke those flowers, now they would be dead and in a matter of days when they will be disposed off as trash where they won’t bloom any longer but smell and rot.

Primary reason why I write is because I believe it helps me connect with my late father better. Because I believe that whenever I write, its his thoughts that I type down through my fingers. I believe that this way, he and I communicate. It may seem supernatural or irrational to many. But, over the years since my father left for his heavenly abode, this has turned out to be one of the only few natural and rational things to be happening in my life.

I’m clicking pictures all the time and wherever I may be and whatever I may be doing. I capture the essence of most of the moments I live, whether those be good or bad, happy or sad, or simply mundane and nondescript. Devouring a burger, walking under the moonlight or watching a movie, a picture has to be clicked always. Meeting special people, or meeting strangers or travelling in an auto rickshaw, or when sweating on the top berth of a sleeper coach of a train on a sweltering afternoon. A picture is a must for me always.

I consider James Altucher’s bestseller book Choose Yourself to be my equivalent of Bible, Gita and Quran. Because those books never saved my life. But Choose Yourself did. And, then it transformed my life like never before. Even today when everything is going wrong in my life and I am clueless about what to do, I just randomly open a chapter out of that book and begin to read. And, every time, I ended up with a new epiphany, a new solution and new direction to help me purge off whatever is distressing me. It’s my lifeline.

I always confess my lies and mistakes to a select few chosen people whether they are affected by those lies or mistakes or not. Recently I made a blunder. Something that goes absolutely against my character. Two days later, I wrote a letter to my mother confessing all that I did and how I was sorry about it. I then called three of the most valued people in my life and confessed my folly and apologized to them for having failed myself and them. They didn’t know what I was talking about. But, I knew that I had to apologize because they hold me in great esteem and I had not lived up to that respected figure.

Enough of interesting facts.

Time for dinner. Bliss!



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