The year was 2014.

General Elections were the talk of the town.

Arnub had been declared as the most popular journalist.

Prime Time on Times Now was the hip thing.

Big leaders would be interviewed.

There would be debates.

And, so on and on and on.

Then a day came when something happened.

Rahul Gandhi accepted to be interviewed by Arnub.

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He knew that Arnub was a pro Modi guy.

Yet, he accepted the invitation.

What happened next?

Arnub nailed him big time.

It was like Rahul had been crushed on national TV.

Just one interview was enough to make a joke out of him.

Even today, people talk about it in pun and wit.

He thought he would be considered bold.

But, he was rather considered a fool.

Being politics is not a place for boldness.

I mean, if you are in power, then maybe sometimes.

But, otherwise politics is not about being bold, but about being smart.

And, that decision of Rahul Gandhi wasn’t a smart one.

So, he paid a hefty price for that folly.

Now consider this.

Say I am a businessman.

To run my business, I have to be the leader.

For that, even if I have good intentions, at times, I have to do bad things.

Not necessarily bad always, but things that won’t be nice in the room of law.

So naturally, I won’t ever want those things to be brought to attention.

The reasons for that deal of reticence are obvious.

I don’t want a bad name or publicity for myself or my firm.

So, as a businessman, it would be prudent for me to stay off certain people.

People who would try to highlight those wrongs I have committed.

People who would try to tarnish my image.

People who could ruin my prospects.

People who could cause me harm.

And, it’s not just about me.

Any businessman would do that.

I mean, almost any one of them would do that.

And, that is exactly what PM Modi here is doing as well.

He knows that politics at the end is no different from business.

You have competitors who are always ready to snatch your privileges.

You have a brand and an image to live up to because that is what people buy and believe.

So, you just can’t to let that image be tarnished like that and let the competitors win.

You have to be smart, shrewd, and very judicious about every decision you make.

Now, in case of NDTV, PM knows that he will surely be put in a tough spot.

The host will let go of no opportunity to bite him there and then.

And, that could be a very shameful evening show for him.

One like Rahul Gandhi’s interview with Arnub.

Actually, nothing close being that bad.

Yet, it will be a very tough evening for PM Modi.

One that the entire nation will be watching.

And, also remember for a long time.

Long enough for next elections.

That will be embarrassing.

For him, his party, and also his allies.

So, it’s obvious why he maintains a distance from NDTV.

But, at the same time, promotion and propaganda isn’t that bad.

When you get to further your good sides, your right moves.

It’s all about seizing the right opportunities at hand.

And, Republic TV and Zee News offer him those.

So, PM Modi readily pounces on them.

It’s all basics of politics and image.

Also, this solves other problem that he had been facing.

Media houses had for long been complaining that PM doesn’t give them time.

The media can no longer say that PM doesn’t interact or maintains a distance.

Because well, Zee and Republic are both two biggies in the Media space.

They are both a part of a larger ecosystem which NDTV too is a part of.

So, PM Modi hits two shots with one arrow here.

It’s the art of maintaining a personal image.

He is just being judicious and smart.

Meeting those who are not hostile to him or his agenda.

Just the way a smart ass businessman would do.

Do you agree to it?

Tell me in the comments.

That said, enough said.

Signing off,


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One thought on “Opinion-14: Why PM Modi Ony Gives Interviews To Republic and ZEE News But Not NDTV?

  1. You got it right ,bro.Besides NDTV is working with an agendum of maligning the Modi government on any and every platform going so far as to paint the country as a non inclusive , hegemonistic majority driven authoritarian state .This narrative has harmed Indian reputation abroad and the post Balkot tactics employed by the liberals that watch CNN/MSNBC in the night and mirror those tacks in India challenge credibility.


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