Walked 10k+ steps a day for 30 days and shed over 5kgs of weight.

This post will walk the reader through the entire process, planning and execution of the challenge.

Four days prior to when Feb began, I took up this challenge to walk 10k+ steps a day for 30 days straight. No excuses. Exams, college festival, projects or whatever comes up, this goal must be accomplished every single day. That was the zeal with which I began.

This challenge was supposed to get me started towards gradually bringing down by weight from 85kgs down to 72kgs by the time I bid adieu to 2018 gradually. I thought, it would be tough target to meet. So, I got started with walking, thinking that I would begin with running or hitting the gym in successive months once I have gotten in the momentum.

And, to walk that much each day is no joke either. It took time. A lot of time. About 2 hours each day. So, to make sure that I was making the best possible use of these walks, I made sure that I was always carrying my Kindle and smartphone with me. Let me explain a bit on that:

I am someone who spends an hour to an hour and a half each day reading only business, economic and geopolitical news from over seven different sources on the internet. And, apart from that, I read books on my Kindle for a significant time as well. Reading makes me.

So, while walking, I would go on to read the news, or the books on my Kindle device. This way I was making sure that I was getting the best out of the time I was investing into walking. But hang on! Who am I kidding here? Not every day is the same, and ergo I would surely not want to read and read and read every time I was walking.

Furthermore, often my walks would be scheduled in the later hours of the day. And, I don’t read in the dark because that would hamper my eyesight. Thus, I had to come up with another deal to make sure I was making the best possible use of my time put into walking.

And, then I got the idea. I anyways used to spend close to an hour each day talking to my dear ones and my Maa. Ergo, why could I not do that while walking as well. This way, over the past month, I grew much closer to my special set of people. At least to some of them. That was the ancillary bonus I churned out of my walk time.

Doing all of that, day after another, I went on to accomplish a 29 day streak of walking 10k+ steps every single day. I could not make it a complete month because on the 30th day of the challenge I was travelling back home and was on a train.

But, I made sure that on the three days prior to that I walked way more than 10k+ steps to make up for the last day. On day 27 I walked 19,183 steps or about 14.1km. On day 28 I walked 18383 steps or about 13.3kms. And, on the Day 29 I walked 16885 steps which amounted to about 12.1kms.

In the beginning of this challenge, when I stood up on a weigh scale, I was 85kgs. And, on day 25th I was already down to 80.5kgs. Then in the last few days, owing to some excessive and unethical eating this rate to weight loss slowed and I finally ended up down to 80kgs.

That’s 5kgs lost in a month.

I had taken up a picture of myself shirtless at the beginning of the challenge. I took another one at the end of it. And, the difference was something worth a proud smile. I am not going to share any pictures for obvious reasons. I never realized that I could this way reduce over 5kgs in a month.

I lost about an inch of my waist size. Walked about 9kms a day on average. My legs look way fitter and my thighs and calves are beginning to form into some shape that I as a self-obsessed person love to admire every day. I am happy about the progress I have made in this month.

Ergo, I consider it to be my greatest achievement for the month of February 2018.

This experience has given me a lot more than just a fitter and lighter body. A boost in my confidence, and a fillip to my already extant belief that I can accomplish anything if I work on it in a mission mode are just two major things to mention. Apart from these, I learnt to be committed to myself.

To make sure that by the midnight of every day I clocked 10k+ step on my fitness tracker, that was not easy. On some days I had to go out. On some days I was physically unwell. On four of the days I had my exams. And, to keep up to my commitment on all of those days, it was a very big deal. At least for me it was. Also, I learnt to prioritize.

This like any other self-improvement exercise practiced in real life has changed me in some minute level, and I am happy that I have gained a story to share out here in this post.

I hope reader may have found something beneficial to take away from these 900 odd words I have typed here. Even if one of the persons reading this post decides to take up a similar mission in their life, then my reason to write this post would be accomplished. Cheers!

Images sourced from: @jshilanjanm



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