She was very popular here back then and her list of followers here has grown manifold since. I was one of those who had subscribed to her notifications. That is how much I used to give a damn about what she wrote and share.

But, then one day, she wrote an answer about all men being perverts from within. And her answer was getting a whole lot of traction and upvotes, especially from the males here on this forum. This time, I wasn’t happy about what she had written.

In fact, I was quite disgusted about the shallow perspective that she had offered. I could not take it. For some reason, her words had hit me too harshly, and I felt that whatever she had written was outrageous, and didn’t deserve all those upvotes and views.

Her answer turning viral only added to my angst. Thusly, I decided to type out my angry thoughts. I took umbrage over the universal branding of my gender as perverts, and ended up writing an answer roasting her answer and indirectly herself.

I was very scathing with my words there. And to my surprise, my answer too went viral. That wasn’t expected. But what wasn’t expected even in my wildest dreams was my answer going way more hit than hers.

Thus, naturally, it reached her too. So, this time, Madame took umbrage over whatever I had written and blocked me on Quora. Also, a day later my answer was collapsed. However, after I toned down on the narrative I had used, made a few edits and appealed, my answer came back to life.

All that happened long ago. I never felt sorry for whatever I had written. Though much later, this year in the summers I did decide to apologize for even if I wasn’t sorry for my thoughts, I was definitely sorry for the way I had put them out very harshly. My choice of words wasn’t sober and ideal.

So, I texted her on Facebook apologizing about how I had roasted her over a year ago. I acknowledged that what I had done was wrong. She accepted my apology readily. All seemed good.

And, things seemed to be getting way better as she asked me a day or two later if I would like to join and write for this collective website that several popular Quorans like her had together put up called (Name removed at request of one of the members). I was really excited about the proposal she had extended to me.

I thought this way my words would reach a much wider audience, and therefore I readily accepted. She took my number, told me that she would add me to the respective Whatsapp group of the team. She also asked me to send her a post for the website which I did within a day.

Apparently, I was never added to any Whatsapp group. In fact, to my surprise, this freaking lady had put up my fucking post under her own name on their website! I lost my shit to see that . I texted her but didn’t receive any reply for a day.

In fact, I received a reply from her only when I had already brought this to the notice of several other Quorans who were also a part of that team like her. And, it was after two whole days that the post was attributed to my name from her’s.

I realized then, that this person who I had tried to apologize to was so damn immersed in arrogance and vengeance that she was only acting all along to take a revenge of some sort. And, that was when I decided to block her.

Because this person had lost my respect in entirety. After a year of having committed a folly, I had the guts to contact her and apologize for what I had done. She could have budged me off. But she decided not to. Rather, she decided to play it bad with me.

And, this was what this particular popular Quoran had to give me in response of my apology.

And, hence, she got blocked by me. Period.



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