One’s Own Image Is The Biggest Hurdle To One’s Happiness.
  • A guy feels that it is not working anymore. But, he doesn’t break up the toxic relationship/friendship with the other person despite no more harbouring any feelings for them. Why? Because he fears that this would hurt his image of a nice and forgiving person.
  • A woman wants to steam up things in bed. She wants to try some new and adventurous sex positions. But, she refrains from talking to her partner about it. Why? Because she feels that it would harm her image of a decent, conservative and docile woman.
  • A girl liked the dish she ordered in the restaurant very much. So much that she could even lick every bit of the gravy left on the plate. But, she doesn’t do that. Why? Because she feels that it would be awkward that it would make her seem un-classy and down market.
  • A girl likes a guy. But, she thinks a thousand times if she should text him or no. And, at last, she doesn’t do it. Why? Because she gives in to her mind which tells her that it would give the guy an impression that she is being too desperate.
  • A guy has just been through a breakup. He is shattered and is chaotic from within. Yet, he tries his best to resist even a single tear from falling out his eyes in public. Why? Because that would be against his image of a tough, bold and strong hearted person.
  • A guy has a doubt about what the teacher just taught in the class. He can’t seem to get through the logic. But, he tries to keep it all to himself and not ask the teacher. Why? Because he feels that his doubt will be perceived as a silly one which would harm his image of an intelligent student of the class.

That is what image does to us. It creates boundaries. Unwanted superfluous boundaries. It pushes us to work against what we truly want to be, want to do, and experience. It devoids us of all that we want to say, do, feel, touch and see because that would be against the image we hold on to so staunchly.

The importance that we award to any identity statement or image that we hold in our head about ourselves is nothing but a big hurdle we are ourselves erecting as a blockade on our path to liberation and happiness.

Therefore, I say, Fuck The Image.

Give up this image or identity which you are holding on to so strongly. Break off from it. Crush those boundaries in your head. Break the cocoon you have fettered yourself to, get out of it and experience what all you are missing on.

Give up on the notion that you will be perceived as an awkward and down market person if you lick that gravy on the plate with your tongue. Fuck the image, and accept the truth that you want to do it. You want to stick your tongue on that plate and lick every inch of it. Ergo, just do it, because you want to do it.

After all, no one is going to go back home and give a damn that hours ago in the restaurant they saw this girl who licked the gravy off her plate. People have shit to do. They have got family, business and themselves to think about. Maybe they will chortle a bit or give you a stare. But, just like you did with the image, well fuck them too. Who cares!

Thus I regurgitate, fuck the image. Give up the idea that your intelligence is defined by the kind of doubts you raise in the class. If you have a doubt, then fucking raise your hand. Once the teacher has his eyes on you, stand up. And, then use those vocal cords you have blessed with in your neck to rid yourself of your doubt!

Remember that there are no silly questions. If any, there are only silly intentions. And, given you know that your doubt is a genuine one and is not backed by any silly intentions, it ought to be cleared off. And, if you don’t do it just because you give too much of a fuck about your image, then cry and keep scratching your head! You will only end up wasting time and energy.

Even Buddhism Tells you to Fuck the Image!

People often perceive Buddhism as a religion which preaches you to give away everything you have, and care about nothing and just live in peace like a monk in a saffron cloth. But, no! Nope. That’s just so incomplete.

Because in a nutshell what Buddhism teaches you is to give away every notion of what and who you think you are, be it extrinsic or intrinsic, and then live life like you are nothing and a nobody. It is not about giving away what you own, but about giving away whatever and whoever the fuck you think you are, big or small.

Buddhism teaches you to fuck away with whatever image of yourself you are clinging on to in your head. Forget that you are an attractive person. Forget that you are uniquely intelligent. Forget that you are talented and must always only produce great pieces of art/work in your domain.

Trash away every notion of yourself, be it extrinsic or intrinsic to you, and be nothing and a nobody. And then, when you live like that, you learn to not give a damn about what anyone would think of whatever you do. You won’t anymore give a fuck about what they think about you.

Why? Because you are a fucking nobody! So, who cares! Give that a thought. When I was outside Shriram Sweets at GKM, Gwalior and a bandwagon was passing by playing Punjabi music from singer Diljit Dosanj at a really loud volume, I just wanted to dance there and then. And, so I did.

I didn’t give a damn about what others would think of this guy who suddenly started grooving out of nowhere. I didn’t give a damn if people around would brand me crazy. I felt like dancing, and I wanted to do it right there and then, and so I did it. I said, fuck you image. And, I enjoyed every iota of that moment.

But having said all of that, none of it is going to matter once the reader is finished reading this post. The only thing which is going to matter is if you are ready to say that? What? Fuck You Image!



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