Talking to a random stranger every time you go out.

It’s awesome.

  • You gain confidence.
  • You become spontaneous.
  • You become a better judge of people.
  • You learn how to get out of your comfort zone.
  • You build connections and widen your network.
  • You learn so much about different kinds of people.
  • You learn how people of different kinds live and earn.
  • You learn to talk to random people conquering several anxieties.
  • You learn to fight your mind and inhibitions that it deluges you with.

And, most importantly, since everyone has a different tale to share, you learn about things that you never had a perspective of.

You will realize that there are more viewpoints on everything than you can ever envisage. You will realize that many people are happy even if they don’t have money. You will realize that people may have money, yet are not really that happy. You may know that already, but to feel it by talking to those very people is an altogether different experience.

Also, you will realize that there is so much of positivity and inspiration in people all around us. You will realize that there are good and noble souls around us than just the bad people and miscreants of sundry sorts. Most importantly, you will learn to trust people with yourself and your tales. And, that is one big art that most of us fail to master, young or adult alike. Right?

I began with this activity about three months ago. I made it a rule of thumb that every time I go out, I must talk with someone I don’t know, else I can’t return back. It can be anyone, but it definitely has to be someone. And, though it was tough to go and approach a stranger and talk to them in the beginning, slowly I got the hang of it.

Sure, at times, people wouldn’t like that. They would feel like I was getting into their personal space. And those situations would be quite embarrassing too. But, my personal experience tells me that most of the people are much more open to such random conversations. And, then as I entered December 2017, I had grown confident in doing this.

I mean, the art of approaching random strangers and cracking meaningful conversations with them. Thus, I decided to make this activity more challenging. Thus, I determined that from then on, every stranger I would converse with, I would end the talk by clicking a picture with them.

Which meant, I now also had to earn their trust and make feel comfortable enough in my embrace to feel okay about getting clicked in a picture with me, who is practically a stranger to them. And, boy oh boy! It has surely been an exhilarating experience. I am beginning to get the hang of it too.

The last time I went out, it was a day before yesterday to buy some groceries from a nearby market. And, since I was hungry, I stopped at a Momo stall to feed myself. And, there I saw an opportunity to converse with this Momo seller, Raj Agrawal. Ergo, I just went with it.

I just asked him, “How long have you been selling Momos here, Uncle Ji?” That’s all I had to do to spark a conversation with him. It’s that easy. And, the conversation which ensued with that one simple question lasted for about ten minutes. And, when I asked him if I could click a picture with him as a memory, he got excited and was really elated.

None of his customers had behaved this way with him. And, this lit up his face. So, I got my picture, a great experience, a nascent connection with a Momo seller, a story to write about, while Raj Ji got a reason to smile and feel happy about. How better could it have gotten? And, by the way, I have already written briefly on what my conversation with this man was all about.

So, interested readers can find that here.

Here are some shots of mine with the best of these strangers I got to converse with:

Rajesh Kumar, an Ola cabbie from Faridabad.

Emeritus Prof. Ashok Gupta, Ohio University.

Prakash Bhai, Security guard, Agora Mall Ghandinagar.

Vicky Bhaiya, an Ola cabbie from Ahmedabad.

Ramesh Bhai, an auto rickshaw driver from Vadodara.

Susan Seats, a spiritual speaker from California, USA.

With one of the security guards from my college who shared with me sweets sent by his sister.

Thus, I reiterate it. This activity of talking with a random stranger on every outing is something that everyone should give a try. It will change you in so many ways while giving you so much to learn from those people and think, share, talk and write about. I bet, reader won’t regret it. Bliss!



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