Meet Raj Agarwal.

The attached image was clicked tonight.

He is a Momo seller at GKM Gwalior in front of the BSNL Exchange. This man has been a resident of Gwalior city for over 45 years.

He owns a well built house, and has enough money to spend his days without any need to do work and still managing for decent subsistence.

And, yet, every evening, he drives his Honda Activa to his stall to sells Momos. He doesn’t have to do it. Yet, he does. When I asked him why, he said,

“Jinda hai tab tak kuch na kuch matlab ka karte rehna chahiye. Kuch nahi kar rahe ho toh duniya mei kar hi kya rahe ho? Murde bhi toh kuch nhi karte na!”

“One must keep doing something valuable till one is alive. Else, why are you living anyway? Because it’s the dead people who do nothing!”

He leads a respectable living like a hard working man despite the fact that he no longer needs to. That is one heel of an energetic and inspiring soul.

And, that spirit to be ever active and meaningful about one’s existence till the very last breath makes me respect Raj Ji, and any person of that breed. Bliss!



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