I am a person with domicile in Haryana. I study in the state of Madhya Pradesh. And, I have spent a decent proportion of my life living in West Bengal, a city and a town in Rajasthan, two different cities in Haryana and also in New Delhi. I have explored the capital city of Delhi and experienced various facets of it, first hand.

And, also, I have travelled quite a bit, mostly in the Northern and Western parts of India. And, out of all of those places I mentioned, and others which I didn’t, I can’t recall even one such place which has a central bus depot as swanky, classy, neat and well-planned as this one in Ahmedabad.

Geeta Mandir Bus Stand, Ahmedabad

That’s a picture I clicked in the morning at about 7 am on 19th December 2017. It’s as recent as it gets. And, isn’t that too good a sight for a bus depot in India? At least I would like to think so unless someone else has a better example to cite. And in fact, they have an even better-built bus depot there in Gujarat in Vadodara.

That’s me and my friend Chintan Bavishi enjoying some local Gujarati cuisines at Vadodara Central Bus Terminal.

The amenities, services and planning which I witnessed there upon my arrival that day just left me gobsmacked. Meanwhile, Delhi too has a gargantuan inter-state bus depot at Kashmere Gate, which despite a recently culminated massively funded revamp project looks way pale when juxtaposed against the bus depots cited above.

And, when even the national capital of this ginormous country doesn’t have a comparable bus depot, I would not go on to take pains and elaborate upon the cases for all other places I mentioned above just for the sake of saving them some grace. And, those two bus depots are just tiny examples of what BJP under the leadership of CM Modi accomplished there.

Did you know that Surat has the maximum density of flyovers among all of the Indian cities? Did you know that in Surat the streets are cleaned every night when the traffic is low? Forget all of that! I know sceptics won’t believe me but during my entire bus journey from Ahmedabad to Vadodara, I experienced just three major potholes on the roads!

Fucking just three major potholes here in India! Here on the streets of Delhi, more than thirty potholes await you wherever you go unless it’s the Race Course area. And, that’s the kind of development which speaks for itself and doesn’t need any justification or promotion as long as people get to experience it on a day to day basis and not just when some big personality visits their city and Municipality does a cover-up job by building new roads overnight.

And, don’t even get me started on the marvel that Sabarmati Riverfront of Ahmedabad is. Ask any Ahmedabadi what an awesome example of vision being brought to life, the Sabarmati Riverfront is. Ask any Ahmedabadi if Sabarmati Riverfront is in any way lesser than the sights they get to see in Western nations and Hollywood movies. And, I can bet that majority of them will align with me.

That’s Sabarmati Riverfront.

They have enormous riverfronts with massive tourism potential in cases of the Yamuna in Delhi, Hoogly in Kolkata, and Ganga in Allahabad, Haridwar and Rishikesh. But, have any of the respective governments, Chief Ministers or concerned authorities for any of those concerned states even dreamt of creating something that whopping in those areas? The answer is a dismal no. A big no!

And, that is the development which people of Gujarat get to witness, experience, touch and feel not just on vision documents and election manifestos but in reality. And, such development does not demand advertisements and promotion campaigns. It just speaks volumes for itself. Bliss!

Vikas Bolta Hai.

I know this post is going to get me all of those tags like “Modi Bhakt” or “Paid Stooge.” But, here is all I have got to tell those souls. If you have never been to Gujarat, then first do and then comment on it like I am doing.

And, if you have been to Gujarat or if you stay there and still disagree with me, then please take into consideration that I have only 5 days of experience of living and breathing in Gujarat and my answer is based on what I got to take away in that short duration. Thank you for reading till the end!



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