I am super happy about the way I have been building a big wide web of close connections, friends, professionals and relatives from all walks of life, different domains of work and way more different ideologies, beliefs and religious and cultural backings. And, the work I have put into making it all turn out this great is something that I take a great deal of pride in.

Let me give you an insight into the web of awesome and diverse people I have built for me. Be it a lawyer or a budding district court judge, over the past year, I have built bonds with people of both that kind. Now think of a marketing professional working in Google. Or, a dentist from Jaipur or a doctor from somewhere near Hyderabad or an IT professional from Ahmedabad.

A physiotherapist and a budding fitness and lifestyle blogger from Veraval, Gujarat or a number of future chartered accountants based all across the major cities of India. An entrepreneur with an expanding business in three cities simultaneously, or an experienced Management professional from Mumbai, who is also a great inspiration to me.

Having an engineering background, myself, it helped me craft connections with engineers of all kinds except someone with a major in nuclear or aerospace domain. I am on decent terms with an aged motivational speaker and social servant from California. Also, a retired professor of business studies from Ohio University who is by the way meeting with me this January.

Also, a school teacher from Thailand and a retired high-ranking Government of India employee. Over the past one year, I have been channelling my efforts into building my connections with all sorts of people of multifarious kinds. And, I have been learning a lot from each one of them all this time. I ask them questions and at times share my two cents.

And, when I say that I am connected with them or have them on my web, it’s not just about being friends on Facebook and just exchanging greetings and pleasantries on birthdays and anniversaries. Its way more than that. It’s about staying connected, keeping in touch with messages and calls being exchanged with each other from time to time, shedding all sorts of inhibitions and fears and connecting at the personal deeper level where real and lasting bonds are formed.

It’s all about truly building respect and love for each other. These connections are not just an online thing either. I have been traveling to meet many of them as well, as long as it is feasible and in my capacity. In fact, as of this writing too, I am on a tour traveling to Jaipur, then to Ahmedabad, then to Vadodara and finally to Surat, and will be meeting up with a number of all these people.

Three days back, there in Jaipur I met that dentist major I aforementioned. And, the meeting was so amazing, listening to her tales, her experiences, learning so much from her, and leaving with so much more respect and admiration for that person. It’s because of all those things that she taught me that I have taken some very important decisions that I think would be insanely good for me.

That’s the awesome dentist Kritika Laddha and me after a grand scrumptious treat I received from her.

This person with a glistening face and the biggest ever smile is therefore helping me transform my life for the best. And, that’s the best of networking for me. Also, this was just one example of so very many. And, that is what networking for me is about.

It’s about surrounding yourself with amazing people who help you grow. Some of them will complement my growth physically, or emotionally while some others will help me build a better self mentally, financially and spiritually. And, some others will help me and guide me do better in different domains of life, be it some problems or about work or just anything else .

Building this web for me has been about finding the right and worthy people to venerate with my love and respect while taking away the same from them. And, my greatest asset as of today, the one which I have built all on my own, is this bloody network. And, I have it only because I worked on building it over the entire one year.

And, it’s the best things I did and am still continuing with. It will only grow bigger one genuine and awesome person at a time. Bliss!



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