So, today I put up a question on Quora, and then also went on to write an answer to it. Actually, the question went as follows:Screenshot (141).png

And, then I write the answer to that in order to explain the intent, and the particular challenges that I was taking up. So, read on folks!

I am straight away going to list down the challenges I am taking up for myself this December 2017. So, here they are:

  1. Writing 4,000 words a day.
  2. Writing two letters every day.
  3. 100 push-ups, 200 sit-ups every day.
  4. Making my bed, first thing every morning.
  5. Learning and practicing 5 new words every day.

Those are five challenges, each of which I promise to accomplish this month which began today. It’s going to be a holiday period for me, and I’ll have a lot of time to pursue things I have not been able to devote enough time to lately. And, these challenges are going to help me be better at pursuing those.

It’s going to be an exciting month. By the end of this month, I will have written more stuff than I have in the past three months combined. Apart from that, I will also have written letters to over sixty people, thus strengthening my bonds, relationships and connections with people who have ever been good, kind or loving to me in any way.

I also intend to write many of these letters to people who though may not know me, but have inspired me in life with their struggles and sacrifices. Then, I would also have enriched my writings with over 150 new words in my lexicon. These words will help me bolster my writing skills.

And, that challenge about making my bed first thing every morning will help me bring in some discipline in my life while also keeping up my bed tidier. All in all, three of these challenges will help me become a better writer, and one will help me live in a clean surrounding. One of those writing challenges will also help me build better relationships.

Not to mention, pushups and sit-ups challenges will keep me agile and energetic. Cheerio!

Phew! So, that’s what I am headed for this December. That’s how I intend to close 2017 on a pumped up note. Moving on to addressing why I asked this question. Well, I did so in order to encourage people to also take up certain such challenges in their lives which would help them build healthy habits, test their limits, and master their interests.

So, join me in! Take up certain challenges which will help you grow in domains you care about. Challenges which will help you transcend to a new greater level of self, which will be a tremendous advancement on your present self. And, once you are done finalizing what challenges you are taking up, write them down in an answer to this very question.

That way, a movement of sorts can be initiated from which everyone involved will be committing to building a better self. Community will thrive, and many of us will end up inspiring a lot others with their amazing growth journeys. Aspire and strive to be that someone.

This December, conquer your inhibitions and build a better self. Let’s end 2017 on a high note, together. Bliss!




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