It was an awesome experience which ended up with some tears and wet eyes, lots of laughter, and timeless memories to cherish. This post is going to be full of images from the meetup, and will also explain all my experiences, as they happened in the chronological order. So, let’s get started.

My Yatra Saathi, Jitender and me.

Jitender Ahuja and I were among the first ones to reach the spot. And, it was then some time that Devesh Mittal came to me and said that he really admired me and my writations. I was surprised. And, also a bit flattered and blushing. I mean, my writations have been praised before too, but it was the first time a stranger had praised me and my writations in person.

I was really overjoyed. I wish I had taken a picture with him, but I somehow forgot to do that in the hustle and bustle of the event. If you are reading this Devesh, I apologize from the depth of my soul, and your words truly made my day. Moving on, during the introduction session, I had been waiting eagerly for the likes of Purva Singh and Alka Dwivedi to show up. After all, I had really wanted to meet them.

Checking if they had arrived at the meetup site, I turned back, and saw Awdhesh Singh Sir wearing a sweater with black and white stripes sitting in the fourth row. I saw him, and that was enough to get my heart beating with excitement. I guess anyone would agree that he carries a very positive and uplifting aura wherever he goes.

And, just next to him was Tejaswi Lakkavatthula, who again was someone who I was eagerly waiting to meet in person (I’ll get on to share my experience with her later). And, then as I observed, it was Arjun Singh Dyarakoti’s turn for introducing himself. And, he left me flattered again when during his introduction, he said it out loud that I was one of his favourites along with Awdhesh Singh Sir.

I remember that I immediately joined my hands looking at him with respect. So, that was the second compliment for the day. Arjun too had been following me for a long time, but to meet him in person was an altogether different game. It was lovely to see this confident man in person. I wish the meet up was longer, so that I could connect with him better.

But anyways, I just felt so damn special for he venerated me that way. And then this awesome guy, Deepak Kumar who was seated next to me apprised me that Aman Khanna had arrived. But since introduction was still on, I calmed down my horses, and I waited for the session to end so that I could meet up with this superb writer.

And finally, it was during the group photo session following the introduction phase, when he himself approached me, and damn he was so very much humble! I must say that this guy truly won away my heart today with his politeness. But, more was to come as meetup had a lot in store for me to cherish.

When I met Mr. A himself!

Then, I approached Awdhesh Sir, greeted him, and was surprised that he could remember me so vividly. I had met him once before at my college where he is a guest faculty for subjects like Business ethics. This man, and his utterly humble stance has always inspired and imbued me to stay attached to the ground no matter how big you grow.

With the awesome Dr. Awdhesh Ji.

And, once this session ended, I then slowly began to catch up with so many other people one after another. Siddhi Neema, Purva Singh and Priya were the first ones I connected with. We clicked a few selfies too. And, then I caught up with Khyati Srivastava, Romsi Gupta and Shreya Agrawal.

With endearing Khyati and Kunal Anand.

With Romsi, Shreya, and a superb guy whose name is Anuuj Chauhan.

With Priya & Purva, the girl with super cute cheeks 🙂

And, then I met with someone for whom I had been eagerly waiting to arrive, Devanshi Srivastava. I have been a staunch fan and admirer of her emotional strength and maturity, and I could see it all in her eyes just too well. It was a pleasurable moment, followed by me connecting with Tejaswi (Remember, I mentioned her name above). And, then I interacted with a number of other people, clicked a lot of pictures, and then interacted with a lot more.

Meeting Kritika Laddha Mam too was a great experience. Oh boy! Doesn’t she look so pretty in those big spectacles? Further, she too like me was an outsider in the event. She had specially dropped in all the way from Jaipur for this event. Later, Tejaswi and I also joined her and Harshit Aggarwal at Burger King (I can’t recall the full name but know that he is a software engineer at Gurugram).

Yidi-Yada with Harshit & Dr. Kritika at Burger King.

And, the highlight for me to take away from the meet up was when Tejaswi Lakkavatthula told me that she had something to give me. And, then this benign soul took out a pretty purple envelope from her bag, which had a beautiful card, a heart-warming hand-written letter, and a Cadbury Silk. The letter left me so emotional, that I almost cried. But, then I just stopped myself teary eyed, before the drops could begin to roll down.

With beloved Tejaswi!

The gifts Tejaswi venerated me with! She literally left me teary eyed with that letter.

Yeah, so overall that was my first ever meetup experience. And, thanks to the masterful organization by Devesh Parashar, Aditya Arora and other members of their team who made this unparalleled event such a big success. And, special love for this particular guy because his spontaneity, charm and confidence were all truly imbuing.

Again, with the super suave guy whose name is Anuuj Chauhan.

I built some awesome connections with people like Aman Sir, met some new interesting people like Deepak, Abhinav, Abhijeet, Chitranshu Tomar, the photography head Aadil Siddiqui Saab and several others who I would love to know further. And, most importantly I got a lot of pictures to share on my Instagram. Wuhhoo!

With Abhijeet, Abhinav and Deepak Kumar !

I have even made a video thanking those people and adding some other of my best experiences from the Meetup. In case the viewer can comprehend Hindi and wishes to watch it, here is the video. Cheerio!




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