1. I believe prostitution should be socially accepted.
  2. I believe castration is most suitable punishment for sex offenders.
  3. I believe all religions are a mere distraction from reality and rationality.
  4. I believe religions have divided our society way more than they have unified it.
  5. I believe there should be a nation-wide blanket ban on the sale or production of alcohol.
  6. I support China’s infamous use of one child policy for population control and family planning.
  7. I support same sex marriages just as much as the heterosexual ones. Love is not about gender, but emotions.
  8. I believe co-ed hostels should be a norm at every college and university, assuming all its inhabitants would be adults.
  9. I believe Gods are just as real as zombies and unicorns are. A fantasy that religious people tend to keep a blind faith in.
  10. I think income taxes should be abolished, as it’s the primary reason why people generate black income in the first place.
  11. I support polyamory, and believe one person can surely be in true love with more than just one person simultaneously.
  12. I believe any couple must go through a ‘live-in phase’ for a certain minimum period before the two people can officially tie the knot.
  13. I believe there is nothing wrong about a person pursuing sex work voluntarily and society has no right to judge them or their means to earn.
  14. I believe there must not be any censorship of any kind. Censorship in my opinion is a shambolic policy which veils the society against harsh and bare but true colours of the world we live in.
  15. I think a mass scale surveillance policy must be followed by the respective national Governments. Basically, I believe privacy must not be a fundamental right, as that can be exploited in inexplicably wrong ways.

There it is. I said almost all of it. Phew!




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