How can you say that! How can you question the relevance and existence of God? God is the supreme almighty who governs and watches us all. How can you just not believe in him!

Several of my friends and family have grown tired of throwing those punches on me. They simply can’t digest me being a non-believer. Meanwhile, I wonder who made them the advocates of God. If there is a God, and if it is as supreme and powerful as everyone claims, well does he really need anyone to justify his existence?

Thus, it’s not the tales of God which bothers me. Rather, it’s his self-proclaimed advocates and preachers. They simply can’t mind their own business. Further, what irritates me about these people the most is the fact that they straight away pounce over me with their counter-arguments, without even giving me a valid chance to make an argument first!

I mean, I must have had certain reasons for my stance, right? Sadly, this is a topic on which most people are not even ready to listen to the likes of me. People like me are not even allowed to raise questions because even if we do, no one wants to listen. And, that’s the case despite the fact that those people have no answers to most of the arguments I make!

The previous sentence was not a generalized opinion. It was a thought which was based on my personal experience of talking to people about my religious views and atheistic stance.

And, that is what this writation is all about- Why do I lead the life of an atheist? In the words and paragraphs that will follow, I would share the several dimensions which in tandem have consolidated my extant view on Gods. I hope the earnest reader will not take umbrage if their views differ from mine. And, just in case they do, then I am not sorry.

So, tell me something. Back in 2004, when tsunami had wreaked havoc, tens of thousands of people died. Thousands had lost their mothers, daughters and wives, fathers, sons, and husbands. Countless hapless flora and fauna got obliterated, of which there is not even an estimated count. Where was God then, when this mayhem was taking place?

But then, people may say that it was a natural disaster and I’m just jumping the gun on that. So, tell me about this one. Where was God when Nazi Germany cold bloodedly massacred and murdered over six million Jews during the Holocaust? If there is a God, was he merely watching all of that happen? Or, was he asleep? Or, whatever!

Where was this God when Winston Churchill’s lack of empathy killed tens of millions during the Great Bengal Famine? What was God doing when those innocent and hapless people of all ages were brutally denied the very minimal subsistence, that they rightfully deserved and needed to survive? I can go on citing such endless cases.

Let’s move on to an example which we witness much more commonly these days. Why doesn’t God save the two-year-old girls that pedophiles around us tend to molest and rape every now and then? Well, God supposedly did help Draupadi in Mahabharata, so why not those helpless crying baby girls?

Had there really been a God, who loved all his children, would he have let his daughters be raped like that? Huh! But, that was all that we can and are already observing happening all around us. Now, let’s talk about some much more sensible and rational things. I can’t digest any of the religious tales which cite things like:

Muhammad had flown to the heavens on a winged horse. Hanuman, The Hindu Monkey God could grow hundred times his size and even fly and carry a mountain over his shoulder while doing all of that. Jesus was born out of Mary, and Mary still remained a virgin. Muhammad had sliced the moon into two. Jesus could turn water into wine. Or any other of such things which make up for perfect fiction material.

I mean, just think about it this way. Any sane person would support me when I say that Zombies don’t exist. Neither does Santa. Or, fairies, unicorns, or vampires. Why? Because there is no proof of their existence. Those creatures with supernatural abilities have never been seen in the real world. They only exist in the books, movies and behind our television screens.

However, when I say that God doesn’t exist, well the tables turn all of a sudden. I mean, most people make an exception and believe in Gods, despite the fact that there is no proof of its existence either. No God has ever been seen in the real world. Further Gods have only been seen in movies, books, television or in form of clay made statues and artifacts.

I mean, how is the case for the existence of Gods any different from the case for the existence of Zombies, Santa et al. Any difference at all! But, still many tend to say that well Geeta, Bible and Quran and other such religious books and scriptures are enough proof one needs. However, weren’t those too written by some man just like Zombies and fairies were scripted in books by some man?

I mean, just think about that! Isn’t that common sense?

Anyways, now let’s take this altogether different case. Cinderella and Snow White’s tale went on to become so widely admired that Disney went on to build entire castles and parks celebrate those fictional princesses by crafting out entire chain of Disney World and Disney Land across the globe from the US to Hong Kong.

Now, why can’t the historical temples, mosques, and churches be the similar form of architectural marvels which were created only after the respective books like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Geeta, Quran and Bible et cetera went viral. Why can’t it just be possible? Please don’t go mad on me for saying this. Just think about it with a rational mind, isn’t that even remotely possible?

Thus, I say that well, I have my very well articulated and thought out reasons for my stance. I have taken this approach and stance in my life only after having spent enough hours ruminating over it. I have thought this through.

And, I reached the conclusion that faith without science is going to lead me nowhere.

There has to be scientific backing and rationale for what I believe in. Just assuming or believing anything because of some book says so, or because my ancient culture and tradition, and the elderly decree that on me, is simply unacceptable.

And, for that, I am absolutely unapologetic to my family, friends and the readers who tend to stand on the other side of the shore. I wish them luck and happiness. Also, not even a single word here was meant to persuade the reader into giving up their beliefs and taking up atheism. I have only tried to express where I stand, and why. Bliss!

Also, here is a video summarizing the above answer. In case the reader is familiar with Hindi, and wishes to watch the video, here it is. Bliss!

Also, after I posted this on Quora, it was pointed out in a comment that if I am blaming God for all the wrongs happening in the world, then I should also thank him for all the good things too. But I never blamed God at all. I just said that had God even existed, those bad things could never have happened at all!

What I have tried to express in the answer is that whatever good or bad things happen to people in this world, happen because of one’s karma, one’s deeds, deeds of other people and at times because of plain luck as in case of Tsunami, where the people had a bad luck of being present at a place where Tsunami had struck.

And, there is no God involved in that. Period.




2 thoughts on “Why I Choose To Lead The Life Of An Atheist!

  1. I greatly appreciate the stance you have taken, for an athiest who has his own valid reasons to be one is much better than a thiest who has none. In today’s world, most thiests and advocates of religious dogmas fail to listen to reason. According to me, their stubborn nature and inability to listen to reason, is rather an insult to, what I choose refer to as God. I do believe in God, and for all the right reasons which I will attempt to convey here. I don’t prefer to view God as the supposed-to-be saviour who prevents bad things from happening to good people. Bad things happen because that’s how nature works! For every person that donates blood (like you), there will be a one that spills. Nature strives to create balance between good and evil. It always attempts to regress towards a neutral existence. Also karma has a significant role in this, as you said. Also, I choose to believe that whatever happens, good or bad, happens for a reason, which will be benificial on a long term. And this is not just my blind belief, but backed by quite a few real life experiences of mine. About what you said about Hanuman and his superhuman abilities, I would like to say something about what most people and almost all religious institutions fail to realize. The way I look at it the stories of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Christ et al are nothing but subtle metaphors which we have mistakenly taken too literally. When you hear the story of the race between a rabbit and a turtle, where the turtle manages to win, do you question the irrationality of how in the world can a rabbit communicate with a turtle in the first place, to start a pointless race? Obviously not! Because that is not the point! The moral of the story is the point. Same applies to these age old stories. The characters of Hanuman, Lord Krishna or the Kauravas are not important, but how they chose to act in the situations they faced, and where their actions lead them, is what’s important. We childishly label noble people like Rama, Krishna et al as God and worship their idols, singing enchantments in Sanskrit with absolutely no clue what they mean. But we miss the entire point! Its their teachings which we should follow and their choices which we should learn from, not worship them as a ‘person’!. People take these stories too literally, even to the point where, as you must’ve heard, they claim that Ravana invented the airplane ages before the Wright Brothers did. What bullshit! Unless there is any concrete evidence, that’s what it sounds like to me – complete bullshit. So, when you see a parent again bragging about his daughter who can sing the entire Hanuman Chalisa, you tell them that unless she knows the real meaning of what it is trying to say, it is nothing to be proud of, and rather, the parent should be ashamed of propagating this false, pointless and completely unfruitful way of worshipping God, to the younger generation. But then you may ask – If I don’t consider Rama or Krishna as God, and I don’t think of God as this supposed-to-be saviour, then, according to me, what is God? According to me, God is an Ultimate Being, describing a state of existence, which we all must strive to achieve. It is a state of being ‘zero’ or neutral. It is a state where we free ourselves from all attachments and desires, and experience something which is beyond bliss. In this state, we will assume the same naked form in which we were at the time of creation, as a part of that Ultimate Being, from which we had, during creation, fragmented and separated from, as individual souls set out to find their own paths towards mergence.

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    1. Wonderful thoughts, wonderfully expressed Kushal!

      It was a long, but very insightful comment. And, I really admire your thought process, and the vision of God in oneself that you harbour in your heart and cherish in your days.

      In fact, with your re-defined God, I guess we both stand on nearly same view points, except the “living naked” part. Pun intended 😛

      Thanks for sharing your stand on the subject, best wishes, and keep caring forward with the awesome values you are adding to the community here at IIITM. Best wishes mate!


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