Tried something new today, and I hope my earnest readers would like it. I recorded and uploaded my first YouTube video. It’s not a great quality production. It’s a simple recording of me blabbering out using my laptop. Also, there is a lot of noise in the background, thanks to my hostel mates.

And, the message and basic content of the video is nothing new either. It’s more or less based on the contours of my an answer I wrote on Quora to the Question: What is the worst part of life, people never anticipate? Yet, I hope it adds some value to the viewer’s perspective. Bliss!

And, if you like what you see, do like the video, subscribe to my channel and share it with just 999 other people. Okay, that wasn’t nice of me. Sharing with just 9 people would also do. Okay, sorry!

Constructive suggestions and tips on creating better YouTube videos would be most welcome and highly valued by this greenhorn.




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