Firstly, Shashi Ji is a great thinker and distinguished former diplomat, with years of experience in global geopolitical realities by handling several key roles at United Nations, holding positions as esteemed and powerful as the Under Secretary-General (Second highest signature at the United States from 2002-07), and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Thus, he is, without doubt, one of those men that we Indians must take pride in being associated with, for he has served not just the people of his nation, but people hailing from several nations at different phases of his Diplomatic career in United Nations which spanned for about three decades. But, does all of that qualify him for the position of president of one of the biggest political parties India?

For that, we must first explore what does it take to hold that position. And, to do that, I would now draw certain conclusions by the juxtaposition of Shashi Ji against the President of the current biggest political banner in India- BJP. He is BJP heavyweight and present Rajya Sabha MP, Amit Shah. A man who is known to have delivered success after success in the form of repeated electoral wins, giving rise to a saffron wave in Indian political spectrum.

So, what traits does he have in him which makes him so suitable for that role? Let’s check him out! Amit Shah is someone with absolute command and leadership of the BJP as of this writing. And, that authority doesn’t come from mere degrees and experience in politics. I mean his experience in Gujarat Politics and in the 2014 general Elections did help his case, but there is way more to his rise than just that.

When we talk of Shashi Ji, he doesn’t have those things to boast of. Yes, he has been in Indian Politics for about a decade now, but his touch and engagement with the common masses have not been that laudable. He is someone who is definitely respected by almost all the political outfits. But, he does not carry an aura under which those political outfits and their members would not mind taking orders from him.

Getting back to Amit Shah, he is someone whose face is known to people of all dominions almost all over India. Be it about the extreme East, or the down South, he has a thorough grasp of the regional politics. And, he is someone with deep understanding and knowledge of the cultures and lifestyles, aspirations and needs of the people at the grass-root level in all of India.

And, again, when we talk of Shashi Ji, his case begins to further fall apart on these grounds. Yes, he is very well versed with the sundry cultures that India nurtures. He has commendable knowledge of the Geography that India entails in all its vastness and complexities. But, when it comes to the people who embrace those cultures or occupy those geographies, Shashi Ji is no doubt detached from those. And, it’s exactly those things which matter the most in the elections.

Let’s try to glean in some more insights from Amit Shah’s case. He is someone who knows his job well. He knows who he has to target to get the votes. He knows what those voters care about and what they need. He knows what is their emotional void, and how he can exploit it to make his opponents look bad. And, most importantly, he doesn’t just have it all in his head. Rather, he also knows to make it all work out in reality.

And, when this man is juxtaposed against Shashi Ji, things don’t really seem that rosy. Yes, we the literati and educated people of Quora may have and an inkling of who Shashi Tharoor is. We probably know how competent and experienced he is. But, what about the hundreds of millions of people who have no knowledge of him or his background? Do they relate to Shashi Ji the way we do? The answer is a big large no.

Amit Shah is masterful at connecting with any particular section of the masses and in sharing his ideas with them. He is bold enough to enthuse a sense of confidence and pride into the party workers, members, and the associated bodies. And, most importantly, he has been damn good at keeping such a diverse party united under a leadership as centralized as in the present times. Would Shashi Ji be able to deliver all of those things for Indian National Congress? It’s highly doubtful.

Ergo, the case for him being elevated to the chair of the higher most authority of Indian National Congress doesn’t fair much well. I personally would be merrier than most to see a man like him at the helm of the prime opposition party in the country, but only because Congress is under ruins anyways. This would most certainly give rise to a more strengthened alternative to the existing Government, which is presently absent. And, that would be so very positive for us, and the entire nation.

We are no more the weak nation of yore which had no better option but the Gandhis to lead us. And, more or less the nation’s dependence on the Gandhi clan has only hurt us in the long run. And, thus to give rise to a new and resurgent Indian National Congress, I don’t see a better person than Shashi Ji. But, the question is, does the nation see him the same way? In fact, does the majority of the nation see him at all? And, is he really fit to carry out this job?

Unless he builds an outreach among all classes and creeds, rich and poor in cities, towns and villages of the north and south, and the west and east parts of India, his elevation to that chair of supremacy is only going to be a distant imagination. An unrealistic scenario upon which the likes of you and I can simply comment and share our views in either support or against of him or some other figure leading the Congress. Period.




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