Umm.. I could not write much yesterday. Though I woke up well in time, I could not go in for either of my writing or reading session. Because I didn’t have a sound sleep the previous night. Thanks to one of my professors who is in the United States at the moment and thus takes his lectures online on Fb Live in the night at 10:30 pm IST.

As a result, I had to stay up late and attend the class well past my sleeping time. And, thus I slept an hour and a half post my scheduled time- at about 12 instead of 10:30 pm. I thus had a tired body when I woke up at 4:30 am with an aching back and neck. Ergo, I was not in the best of states to have a sound and fresh mind.

Thus, I had to give up on my Miracle Morning Rituals for the day. But, apart from this episode, my day was set for something special. My friend from college, Rishabh Jain and I were to visit a nearby blood bank at 10:00 am and donate our read fluids. I have been doing this for over a year now, and this was the fourth time.

FYI: Just in case the reader is from Gwalior, MP and is ever in urgent need for A +ve, you now know whom to message or get in touch with.

So, that was one of the positives to take away from the last day. However, I also almost lost my phone while returning from the blood bank. But, right now I am not going to write about that as its time to share a new thing that I did this morning as a part of my Miracle Morning Rituals. And, it was fun!

Actually, I wasn’t in the mood for my five-minute meditation routine today. So, I instead I went in for the next best thing there is. I began to sing! I played my favourite track, ‘Sammi Meri Waar’ by ‘Quratulain Balouch’ and ‘Umair Jaswal’, and began to sing the lyrics along. Oh, every passing moment of that session was pure bliss and I sang, laughed and grooved my body to the beats.

With just minutes dedicated to this session, I already felt energized and fresh. All set to conquer the day. So, I finally moved on with the successive ritual of reading for some time and am now finally here typing out these words as my head keeps blabbering out thoughts out of nowhere. I wonder sometimes where do so many thoughts pop out of in my head!

Anyways, with all of this said, I would now like to delve into sharing with the reader why is it that I donate my blood. I have a reason to share this, and it’s to create greater awareness about the way one can make this world a better place by mere donation of a unit of their blood. But first, I would share with the reader why I took up the choice to become a voluntary blood donor.

Yes, it’s a noble thing to do, as it may end up saving someone’s life. That is true and big enough a cause in itself. But, to be true, it would have never been a cause this dear to my heart had I not have lost my father. I lost him in a road accident after an unbridled SUV driven by an intoxicated soul veered off its trajectory and rammed into him as he was crossing the road.

Maybe things for my father had been over then and there. Maybe. I don’t know. But, my heart says maybe he could have been saved. Maybe he was still in pain, struggling and gasping for breath as life kept killing him part by part in most painful ways. Maybe my father could have been present in my mother’s life if he had been attended by a doctor in those moments.

I know it’s all a collective of a lot of ‘Maybes’. A lot of imaginations and assumptions on my part. But, I strongly feel that way. And, thus when I began to explore how so many people die post accidents on roads because of factors like medical negligence, the paucity of blood, unavailability of good doctors or simply no one calling an ambulance in time.

And, I kept reading learning of such cases, my heart only grieved for countless families that had lost their loved ones to such problems. I was deeply pained. I mean, precious lives were being lost on our roads for such trivial reasons! And, that inspired me to do whatever I could do about this.

The first thought that I then set in my head firmly was to make sure that if I ever become a witness to an accident in my proximity, instead of joining the pitiful crowd, I would immediately call for an ambulance, and then I would try to help the victim. And, that is exactly what I did the only one time I had been in such a scenario in real life.

And, the other thing I took up was becoming a voluntary blood donor. Because that was I could practically do about this. After all, I cannot make up for the paucity of doctors or the medical negligence. But, I can definitely help supply my blood for the needs. Maybe someday my blood would help a person in an emergency. Maybe my blood would be able to save someone’s father someday.

And, every time that would happen, I would be reincarnating a part of my father’s life in them. And, it was that motivation which imbued and drove me into taking up blood donation as. Losing my father has taught me the inexplicable ways a human life can be of value to someone. Most of us don’t realize or acknowledge its worth until we lose someone important to us.

And, this exactly what happened in my case. But anyways, I had learned my lesson. I now know the horrors that follow when a child loses a parent. I have lived through that part, and I would never want anyone in the whole world to have to live through what I have had to be through in this phase. And, don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting that I have been through the worst.

That is simply not the assertion I am trying to make. There are innumerable people out there to whom life has been way more unfair, scathing and harsh. All I am trying to say here is that what I went through after losing my father was not anything of a good experience. It was damn painful and tough, and I would never want anyone to have to go through anything remotely similar. That’s all.

And, thus, if the mere donation of a unit of my blood can save someone from facing those harsh realities of life, then why should I not do it? In fact, I ought to do it as many times as I can. And, I need to do it at as many different places as I can. The only thing that limits me is that they say you can donate blood only once in three months.

Else, I feel I could have saved much more lives by being more frequent with my donations. The point is that a healthy adult donating 350 ml, or one unit of their blood is not a risky manoeuvre. It is very safe and in many ways healthy as well. Furthermore, it is a job that brings in immense pride and joy. It gives one a reason to go to bed with a smile, for they did a good job that day. At least that is how I see it.

When I returned to my room after the donation and looked at my father’s picture hung on my wall, I had a sensation that he was looking right into my eyes. I could feel that he was happy with the way I am trying to lead myself. I had a magical sensation gushing through my body as goosebumps developed over my hand. I felt positive and blessed. It was the divine blessing from my father, and I knew it. And that corroborates, it’s all worth it. Bliss!




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