I love to read. And, with almost every successive book that I complete I find very many more reasons to further fall in love with these priceless creations. I mean, I simply can’t express in words the ways in which my life has transformed, by simply trying to inculcate into my life several lessons that I gleaned out of several of these books.

It all began with James Altucher’s “Choose Yourself”, which had set me on a path of building a better self. I learned and unlearned so many concepts of life. The very book changed the way I viewed several aspects of living and helped me answer the questions about life that had remained unanswered all through my living.

It was because of this book, that I learned to love myself despite the flaws in me. All of that by just making me realize that despite those flaws, I still had numerous positives, and I had just grown oblivious to them. James made me realize that instead of lamenting on what wrong with you, one should first make time to appreciate what’s right with you.

And, once I truly began to practice that belief, I realized that in real life, we all have so many positives to attend to, acknowledge and celebrate, that we simply won’t find any time to lament over the negatives. That simple realization helped me purge off so much of negative energy and thoughts out of me. It was simply put, an enchanting and liberating experience!

There is a reason why I read his book (Choose Yourself) thrice. It was because such vital transformations in life don’t take place overnight as we complete reading a book. These principles that a wise and sage man/woman has shared in the book are experiences worth their lives churned into a few thousand words.

And, those therefore have to be lived, practiced, experienced and not just read to actually make a positive difference our lives and benefit from. Another such example could be the way I had taken up the habit to write a letter to a person every day. In these letters, I would script out some of the most cherished memories I had lived with that person.

And I would express gratitude for they were/are a part of my amazing life, which would never have been the same without them having crossed the paths with me. It was a practice to build up a daily gratitude habit, which would remind me of a number of great people, and experiences I have had in my life which I never really valued much.

And, I can proudly say that it is only because of this habit, that I have built some of the greatest relationships with people who I had not even associated much with before. I just wrote a letter of gratitude to them, for which they blessed me with love and warmth in return which culminated in binding us together in a bond of unending reverence.

And, that is the case with not just one but so many people I wrote to. Imagine, a simple letter writing habit earning you such great abundance of love! And, it is in search of such life-transforming directions that I seek knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment from these books. They make concepts of life unfold into simpler connotations, which are easy to understand and relate to.

Driven by this very motivation, desire, and hope, this morning, I again grabbed my Kindle, and resumed reading this wonderfully crafted book, “The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO” by Robin Sharma. At the beginning of today’s reading session at 5:22 am, I was at 56% completion of the book. And, during my journey with this book to this point, I have had a lot of valuable takeaways.

But today, it was like raining wisdom! There were so many of valuable and thought-provoking ideas which imbued me, touched my heart and gave me an outlook on several unresolved aspects of my life which had been there clogged in my heart buried under layers of hate, disgust, and disdain.

Despite having read so many books which covered similar subjects, I was never really convinced to liberate out this particular issue, which I now feel I am prepared to do. The issue I am talking about here is about the hate I have been harbouring in my soul for two individual people. Two people who pestered the lives of my parents all their lives and deluged them with sundry reasons to cry.

One of these people is someone who had long ago tried to take away my father’s life. When that didn’t pan out, they tried to separate my parents. They tried to break their sacred bond of love, but never succeeded in their malevolent intentions. So they stooped even lower and tried to separate me from Papa and Maa. And, what’s worst? They are both family.

Hitherto I lost my father back in June 2014, I wasn’t allowed to express my hate to them. That would have firstly destroyed the balance in the family which Papa and Maa had been able to restore after years of struggles. And, secondly, because that would have purveyed a negative name and image of me in the family circles.

So, I never said a word, always smiled when I saw them, and acted like it was all rosy. By now, Papa had been able to build a status quo whereby they simply said nothing much. At least one of them said nothing much. But, after Papa left, that status quo was dead within the next six hours. Their true colour had made a comeback- The dark black colour immediately. And, their attacks on Maa and I resumed.

And, it was then that I began to overtly express my rage and hate for those two people. I didn’t care about my image or balance in family anymore. None of that mattered. All I wanted was for them to leave us hapless mother and son on our own. We didn’t seek any help or guidance from them.

We just wanted to left alone in our state. Good or bad, we were prepared to deal with it on our own. But, when they began to even pilfer that peace from our lives, they were poised to receive the worst of my ire. And thus, my relationship with both of then only severed from there on.

And though, one of those two figures passed away sometime later, and the attacks of the other one diminished post that loss, my hate and disdain for them never effaced. I have detested them every day, every moment of my life just until today’s reading session when I finally found the strength to forgive them. The passages that I read today in the book were strong enough to melt the rock in my heart.

I won’t get into the details of what I learned, for I feel that I won’t be able to express those sacred words by Robin Sharma with their true essence. But, I know it for sure that I have never felt so fine about those two men who had left no stone unturned to make our lives a living hell. And I am all indebted to Robin, because, with this episode, his texts have truly liberated a part of me.

A part which had been crushed under the burgeoning weight of black, hateful energy I was savouring in me. I don’t feel the urge to curse them anymore like I used to about two hours ago when I had not read those thoughts. I don’t feel any rage brewing up in me for what wrongs they did to me, or my parents. I no longer feel the yearning for an explanation from them.

And, for the first time in several years, I have finally mustered the visceral strength to actually wish them luck, prosperity, happiness, and health in life. That is for the one who is still alive. For the other person who is no more, I have for the first time gathered the will to wish for his soul’s peace. I had never been in that strong and peaceful a state when it came to these people.

But, today I am. And, it’s all because of a book. This is one great moment of my life. And, yet, it is just one of those several great moments that reading books has channelled into my life. And, such episodes motivate me to keep reading more and more, day after another, learning, evolving, and becoming a better, stronger self.

I began to write this post at 6:03 am and the clock reads 6:58 am at this moment. During this span, the words that I have churned above have had just one intention. To share with the reader how profoundly reading books has transformed my life in the past, and continues to do so in the present. I hope the reader may have found something valuable to take away from this post.

Have a great day ahead, best wishes, smile, and shine. Bliss!




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