Well, what a fantastic start to the day! Woke up just in time by 4:30 am, got some water, performed some stretching and exercising, and then got on with my 5-minute meditation ritual. And, done with all of that, all set to begin with my reading ritual by 4:50 am. Wuhhoo!

Yesterday I was an hour late to wake up, and today I was half of an hour early. I wonder what’s up with my sleeping clock. Anyway, my reading experience with any book hasn’t been this awesome as it got today with the book I am currently reading.

Actually, I won’t say that this is the best book I have ever read, but it’s no doubt a great one. But, that said, what made today’s 50-minute-long reading session so awesome was a character that this book introduced me to.

This was the first time I felt so connected and relatable to a character from a book. Everything about this guy, ‘Moe Jackson’ matched with me except that he is a surfer, and lives in Hawaii. And, boy! He is simply awesome.

The preferences he has, the philosophies he believes in all strike a chord with mine. He is eccentric and at times out of the way zany, again just as I think I am. Furthermore, he too is someone who admires solitude and believes in doing what the heart wants, whether head supports it or not.

I was totally blown away by the levels to which the character resembled with me and my thought process. While I was reading the book, with every passing paragraph I was getting more and more excited to unravel more details about Moe. But, that was not all.

The book- “The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO” by Robin Sharma after today’s reading session has left me enriched with a lot of wise thoughts and nuggets to summarize and process so that I can churn the best out of them into my life, and put them into practice.

One such matter on which I think I must dedicate a significant amount of time and my thoughts is regarding the importance that one should accord to one’s mind and heart, and which one should be given the greater power in what situations.

This has naturally been an unending debate over the tides of time and history. Several thinkers, philosophers, and wise men have said it over and over again that it is the heart where the key to unlocking one’s true potential and greatness lies.

And, then an equally great number of acclaimed thinkers and wise souls have argued that in the real and practical world one must not let the heart decide over the head, as head is where rationality lies, while heart just goes with the flow of emotions and feelings, which can often be misleading and foolish.

And, to a young and not so wise person like me, both the arguments seem true to credible extents. So, who do I listen to every day while making the most important and also the numerous trivial decisions of my life- The head which is rational, or the heart which is closer to my soul?

And, to that conundrum, this book offered me a possible solution, whereby both the players are important and irrelevant in the overall picture without the other. It was to have your heart and head work in harmony and sync with each other if one is to harness their greatest potential. The book taught me this:

When a person is living all in their hearts, they are all about emotions and feelings. They are pure and real but not best suited to deal with the troubling and dynamic world that we live in, as such a person is bound to have poor judgments and lack of practicality.

But, when a person is living all by their head, they don’t fare any better either. They are all about logic, reason, and practicality, which leaves little or no room for creativity, innate desires, and passion and intuition. Thus, such a person would be equivalent to a machine with a beating heart running him.

Spock from Star Trek forms the perfect example of the second kind, where the man’s decision-making and thinking are all cold and just about logic and rationality. He acts like a predictable machine. Another and maybe more common such example would be Sheldon Cooper from the fabled sitcom Big Bang Theory.

In either case, I would not want to be like them. Nor would I want to be a maudlin fool who would run his life based on just the way he feels at the moment. At times, one has to learn to choose the heart over the head and vice versa. And that is the ideal solution. At least that is what the book taught me, and I am more or less convinced.

I guess the blend would result in a person who is both practical yet spontaneous, wise yet kind, courageous yet caring and responsible yet passionate. And, when I think about us humans, well many of us are actually more or less trying to get to that very equilibrium.

I see very few among us who actually tend to be all about their heads. And, I see maybe a little more than a few such people who are all about what their heart wants of them. And, the rest I guess could be summed up into two categories. The ones who have found a balance between the two, and the ones who are trying to get there with time.

Albeit, one thing I would have wanted the earnest writer to elaborated deeper about was which of the two instruments should be accorded the greater importance in what situations. However, I also think of it as an exercise for self-discovery. I mean c’mmon, one can’t be fed with a spoon all the time.

Somethings, we as individuals have to discover for ourselves to understand the true worth of the them and the experience and lessons we glean in the process. And, I would keep this lesson as one of those aspects of me, which I would like to discover further, as I evolve into a better person, day by day, week by week and so on and on and on until the twilight of my life strikes.

Thus, all in all, it was a fantastic reading session, having given a very positive and upbeat start to my morning. Ah! It feels so soothing to hear the sounds of these birds chirping as I type these words. Urghh! I just got distracted. Sorry.

Yeah, so that was about the reading session which went on for about fifty minutes today from 4:50 am to 5:40 am. I closed my reading session before the one-hour schedule today because my empty tummy had begun distract me with weird sounds. So, I just stopped then to eat something before I started my writing session.

Thus, I also preponed my laughter session in which I watch comics from the world over on YouTube, to lighten my heart and energize my soul. As I ate corn flakes over the next twenty minutes, I saw the “Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”, and laughed as much as I could in that time

FYI: Craig is seriously good with his punchlines. If you haven’t seen his show yet, you must!

And, that was all that I have been up to this morning. Exactly at 6:01 am, I started writing, and these words you are reading right now are an outcome of the same. I hope you may have found something valuable to take away from this post. Wishing the reader, a progressive and bliss-filled day ahead. Good morning. Bliss!




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