Ah! I messed up. I was supposed to wake up before 5 am so that I could get on with my miracle morning rituals by 5. But, apparently, I just woke up three minutes ago at exactly 6:01 am. I guess it was because I got late in going to sleep last night.

I did go to bed in time. But, sleep kept eluding me for over an hour as I scrambled in my sheet right and left, rubbed my eyes over and over again and tried to control my breathing activity. But, nothing worked. Finally, it was fifteen minutes of reading which put me to sleep!

After all, that is how life works. Not everything always ends up how you plan them to happen. The trick is to keep going and making things fall into place somehow. And, I am going just going to try to make that happen. And, this is how:

Now that I am late, I have missed my meditation and reading sessions which would have been otherwise executed in the hour before this one. Thus, I will be performing those rituals once I am done with this writing session.

I guess I would have to pare down a little on my comic watching and laughter session which was scheduled post this writing period. And, also if I shorten the reading session by fifteen minutes and extend my overall miracle morning schedule by half of an hour to 8:30 am then I would be good to go. Great!

That said, I am back in the zone, all set to perform all my Miracle Morning rituals, though in a slightly different order. Anyway, moving on, yesterday was Sunday, and I had designated it as a holiday from this these rituals as well. What I mean by that is this:

I had designed my rituals with the provision for positive remuneration whereby if I had lived by my rituals the preceding six days, I would have the luxury to enjoy the Sundays unabated by any rules or rituals. Ergo, though I had woken up by 4:30 am yesterday morning, I didn’t really have to do that.

Furthermore, what I spent my morning hours thereafter, only added to my bliss. Albeit there was no reading or writing. Rather, those morning hours were brimmed with stand-up comics like Zakir Khan, Nishant Tanwar, Abhishek Upmanyu and songs from Coke Studio Pakistan.

Oh! I have got to appreciate the sheer talent of those mellifluous and talented Pakistanis. Also, I ought to throw my proverbial hat in respect and awe for the masterful Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab, and versatile Quratulain Balouch.

Those two are without doubt two of the most naturally gifted singers I have ever heard to. Such great sense of music and such impeccability with every single word that came out of their mouth! I was simply gobsmacked. Listening to their music completely filled me with joy and energy. I felt excited as I moved on with rest of my day.

And, by the way, it was already 8 am by then and it was time for breakfast. I mean, can you imagine this! I spent three consecutive hours of my morning simply listening to stand-up comics cracking the balls out of me (pun intended), and masterful musicians blessing the soul in me. Wow!

That was a fun change to the way I have been starting my mornings lately. A hiatus from the usual rituals was not as bad either a decision I feel. It helps to do away with monotonicity which sets as when you keep doing the same thing day after day after another. Also, it helps bring in some change and vibrancy.

But, those things said, I also learned a few things yesterday. And, the things that I learned were basically what I had gleaned out of two great movies which I saw. One was Hansal Mehta’s critically acclaimed Citylights starring Rajkumar Rao. And the other one was Udta Punjab, which built around the vitiating state of narco-controls in the Indian state of Punjab.

Both those movies taught me one common lesson, which was: “While you live a life full of peace and beauty, it’s not good to surmise that everything in the world is going great.” Because bad things too are always in play, and it’s just that you are not aware of them. That was one thing.

The other thing I learned from Citylights alone. It gave me a glimpse into the way innumerable poor and uninformed people are cheated and exploited by thugs and frauds in Mumbai when they visit the city of dreams for the first time.

It almost left me teary-eyed to see the way the protagonist characters were left to suffer at the mercy of fate, while the frauds duped them of every penny they had to survive in the city with a small daughter to fend for. At the end, the poor mother had to turn to bar dancing as a profession for survival while the father was trying to find a job.

It gave me an better perspective and outlook on the way these poor and down-trodden people survive in this tough world, where rights and liberties are all but just a concept on paper, which are enjoyed by the rich and the middle class by and large. The poor on the other hand a crushed and trolled every day, and most of us simply don’t ever acknowledge it, living in out myths.

Because in the lives of these poor hapless souls, largely no rights play in their favour unless they have a big person backing them up. What a shame! Moving on, it was a masterful movie- a mirror of reality to counter the narrative of our world full of glitter and dreams that we middle and upper class have grown used to. A must watch indeed.

I saw that movie in the morning hours post my breakfast. And, then it was in the afternoon that I went in for Udta Punjab. And oh boy! I simply didn’t ever envisage that Alia Bhatt could act that well! I was simply blown away and astonished to hear her use that Bihari accent with sheer competence.

That was a highlight which is going to stay in my head for a long time. And thus, I simply had to mention it. But, apart from that as well, the movie made me more versed with the problem of drugs and narco which persists not only that particular one state of India but the entire world. Though it got a little too dramatic towards the end, it was a worthy watch.

And, once I was done with these movies, I finally decided that now I would spend the rest of my day reading and writing over Quora. And, that is exactly what I did. And, I loved it! I read over hundreds of new answers in a day after a long time and found a few new Quora based writers to follow. And then, I also wrote five new answers. Bingo!

All in all, it was a great end to a great day. By the way, I just say that I already well past the limits set for my writing hour. I was supposed to stop writing by 7 am and it’s already 7:10 am. What’s wrong with me today! I am messing up my schedule on my own. I got to run. Bye!




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