Yesterday was fun. I read a lot, and wrote a lot more. I didn’t get enough sleep though, but did watch a good movie in that time. Ergo, the trade-off was absolutely worth it. The movie I saw was “Shahid” starring fabled Indian actor Rajkumar Rao whose latest movie “Newton” is also the official entry from India for the next edition of Oscars.

Anyways, so all in all by the time I reached the end of the day, I was tired enough to get into sleep as soon as I would lie down in my cozy bed. And, that is exactly what happened. It was a few minutes to 10:30 pm when I slept with an alarm set to ring at 4:30 am. Then another one to ring at 4:45 am and 5 am, just in case my indolent self would want to put off the alarm on snooze.

And, gratefully that didn’t happen. The alarm rang, and I woke up immediately and by 4:35 am I was up, heading out the washroom with my brush and toothpaste in grip of my hand. So, the brushing of teeth happened. And, then I wet my eyes with some splashes of cold water, and then returned to my room.

I then turned on the air conditioner, grabbed my bottle and drank the left-over water from it. Next up was a meditation session which would then be followed by my hour-long reading activity. And, I knew that I feel thirsty quite often when I am reading, and thus I would need more water.

Ergo, I went to the watercooler and got some water, and was finally set to begin with my Miracle Morning Rituals, as clock read 4:48 am. So, I finally performed my five-minute meditation practice, and then grabbed my Kindle and began to read the Robin Sharma book from where I had left it the day before. And, I must say, that this book I am reading presently has been an amazing experience and is a gold mine full of wisdom nuggets.

It’s not the kind of book which you just read, appreciate and move onto the next one. Rather, it’s kind of a material where after reading every few pages, you feel the innate urge to actually grab a pen and a paper and introspect and script down your own thoughts on the basis of lessons shared there. And, as I reached the culmination of that reading session, I had found myself a good home work to do before I get back to reading that book again.

The home work basically was a set of questions which I had extracted out of the book, which I felt I needed answers to on a personal level. I felt so because I was of the opinion that these questions would help me discover better sides of me and would bring to surface the thoughts and realities about me which I know exist, but have long been living oblivious to. The questions basically went as follows:

What are the values that matter the most to you?

For every person, there may be different values that they admire the most in themselves and in the people that they associate with. Which ones do I value the most? Identifying these values was important because this activity would help me better understand what factors drive me to others and my relationships with them.

How do you really wish to conduct your life?

Answering this question seemed of importance to me because I must have a clear idea of what I want to become, and what rules and disciplines am I willing to abide by as I strive myself to that destination self. This question would help me gain clarity on what my exact and immediate personal goals are, and what I think I would need to do to get there.

What really makes you happy?

I wish to answer this question to attain a better grasp of what activities, feelings, words or thoughts make me happier in my day to day life. This I feel is important because it would give me a certain idea of what kind of people, thoughts and atmosphere should I keep myself in company of, which would help me attract more joys and pleasure in daily life.

What things would you no longer tolerate?

I wish to answer this question on a more personal level. I mean when I think of what am I not going to tolerate anymore, I basically talk of things about me, my behaviour which I can’t tolerate no more. This is so because my demeanour, my behaviour or codes of conduct are all things which I can always control, amend and improve.

While the same can’t be said about the intolerable things I see in others. Because as much as I can save, help and better myself, I can’t do the same to someone else. Ergo, I feel that answering this question would help me find my dark spots and also empower me to devise ways I can ameliorate myself on those grounds.

What activities would you no longer participate in?

And, contrary to the approach in the previous question, I wish to answer this question in a more outwardly fashion, where I would want to delineate certain activities or events which I usually partake in despite the fact that I know those won’t add to my value, my life or my abilities. Doing away from such activities is important because this would save me a lot of time, energy and intelligence which can be then utilized in developing other facets of me.

Which people would you consciously remove from your life?

Similar question had also popped up in front of my eyes about a year and a half ago, when I was reading “Choose Yourself” by James Altucher. Back then I prepared a list of people I used to associate with on a daily basis and awarded them all certain score out of ten based on how happy I felt every time I met them and if the other person valued me as much as I valued them.

Upon scoring the to the entire list of thirty people, I had reached the conclusion that only twelve of them were really worth my company and love while others were actually driving me down in one way or another. Thus, back then I took one of the most important decisions of the 2016, as I cut them off my life and only remained a mere acquaintance from then on.

And, in turn what I welcomed in my life was immense loads of peace and lots of time and energy to invest into building better relationships with the other twelve people who mattered. And, with this question popping in front of me yet again, I am all set to go in for another round, and welcome more clarity in my life, and introspect if my company is driving down my best.

These precisely are the six questions which I have been empowered to answer by the book from Robin Sharma, “The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO.” Ergo, I have decided that once I am done with my writing and laughter session of today’s Miracle Morning Rituals, I would not go for another session of reading like I did on the previous two days. Today, instead I would begin with answering those thoughtful questions, and would spend most of my day doing the same. I think this would bring me closer to myself, and give me a better understanding of who I really am and who I really wish to become.

All of that said, I started this writing session at 5:58 am and am almost done with it. in the next two or three minutes, this post will be done and I’ll be good to go ahead to watch Hasan Minhaj and Trevor Noah bursting the wits out of me as I embrace The Daily Show from Comedy Central. I wish everyone a delighted and cheerful day ahead.

Best wishes and make it large. I hope reader may have found something valuable to take away from this post. Bliss!




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