I was proud of myself. I had again taken a stronger charge of my life. I had decided to get back into the 5 am club and dedicate the next three hours of every morning to my own self, to my own development, and not to the world’s noise and agendas.

I committed to myself that in this duration when no one was to disturb me, I would channel all my resources into doing activities that would help me expand my ken, improve myself as a being, and diversify my abilities in the domains that matter to me. And, that was why I placed various activities like meditation, reading, exercising and stretching, and writing as some of the fixed and most vital components of my Miracle Morning Ritual.

And, of them all, I chose to start my mornings with a 5-minute long meditation session (Which as I stated in my blog from yesterday was inspired by the book, The Miracle Morning). I chose to do it first because this act would help me in cleansing my mind, calm me down, help me achieve a greater sense of clarity with respect to my thoughts and help me be engaged in my successive activities with absolute focus.

But, that’s just one thing. Next was an hour-long session of reading from a specific kind of books. Basically, the first reading session was meant to be for stuff that would empower me for the day that awaits me ahead, motivate me and brim me up with energy and aplomb. And, this motivation and energy would then set me on a higher path, helping me excel in life and be a better entity than I was yesterday.

And, so in the present moment, I am reading a book from Robin Sharma’s masterfully written collection. But, anyways. Then came writing. I had two specific reasons to incorporate writing into this schedule. Firstly, as I stated in my musings shared yesterday, it’s my preferred means of catharsis. It helps me release my emotions, take a fresh and lightened breath of relief, and purges off whatever thoughts may be bogging me down.

Secondly, because this would allocate a fixed duration every day when I would have to sit down and practice the job which I wish to build into a successful career opportunity for myself. Ergo, this disciplined approach with the allocation of a fixed time slot to write every day would ensure that I would practice my craft of writing every day, and would get better at it as time passed.

And, therefore writing simply had to be there in the system. But, once I was done with one session of reading and writing, I decided to take a small hiatus (Or, a break. I don’t know if hiatus is the right word in this context. Though it definitely sounds better.) in which I could go and watch some comic videos from sleuth of immensely talented stand-up comics we have access to, thanks to YouTube.

I chose to incorporate this special slot of laughter session because over the past year and a half I have realized that if there is one thing that has helped me the most to get over tough times and emotions, its laughing and smiling, irrespective of whether I have had a valid to laugh at all. In a nutshell, I am of the opinion that laughter therapy does work. And, it works wonders!

And, ergo, this session was meant to ensure that I would be light-hearted, de-stressed and joyful, from the very initial hours of my day. But, even when I would be done with this laughter session, I would have about an hour to forty-five minutes before the clock would strike 8 am when at last I would have to get up and join the world in its daily cycle.

And, therefore I kept allocated this leftover time for bettering my knowledge and abilities in certain domains, other than writing. These domains have not been narrowed down to just one or two because I know as a human I am bound to have changing interests over time. And, thus, this hour-long session would be dedicated to attaining a better understanding of those changing interests.

For instance, these days I have been studying more and more of macroeconomic aspects of Singapore and India. Therefore, I intend to spend this hour-long duration reading books and case studies on the relevant subjects. Maybe a few weeks from now, I could allocate this duration to reading books on stock markets, which is another of my interest domains. Or maybe, I could simply allocate this time to reading a book that I have been waiting to read for long.

FYI: This book I just talked about is “The God Delusion” by one of the most famous atheists in the world, who is also one of the leading evolutionary biologist world has today, Richard Dawkins.

And, that basically explains almost everything about how I have basically broken the three sacred morning hours which I have set aside for my personal development. I delved into explaining all these details because a number of people who read about my Miracle Mornings from my yesterday’s blog post had expressed interest to know more about the initiative.

Having established all of that, today I woke up at 5:01 am to be precise and was energetic enough to again jump off my bed instantly. Though I didn’t brush my teeth immediately after waking up today, I did go and collect some water in my bottle to drink and then poured some cold water in my eyes to make sure I wasn’t sleepy no more.

And, with those errands done, I immediately set up the timer on my phone for the brief five-minute meditation session, which ended at 5:13 am. And, finally it was at 5:15 am that I began my reading session, continuing the same book which I had been reading yesterday. And, by the time it was 6:12 am when I stopped for the transition to writing, I had completed 27% of the book.

And, the post you are reading at the moment, had begun to be typed out at 6:15 am and would meet it’s conclusive end in maybe next five minutes when the clock hits 6:55 am. And, then again after watching a few laughter gigs, I would continue with the book on Singapore’s Success by Henri Ghesquiere until the clock says, “It’s 8 am bitch!”

I hope readers may have found something valuable to take away from this post. Wishing everyone a glorious and progressive day ahead. Be kind and smile. Be a winner. Bliss!




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