This has been a wonderful start for the day. It’s 6:03 am, and I am doing the thing I enjoy the most- Verbalizing my musings via writing. Perfect!

Last night I was really excited before going to bed, for I had decided that from the next morning on, I was going to wake up by 5 am, and then I would dedicate the following three hours to my developing myself. I had followed that schedule as a ritual even in the past, but somehow just lost the track and got back to business as usual.

But, anyways it was going to be a great new start for me, and I was all up for it. Therefore, I went to bed early, smiling and frenetic. As a matter of fact, I had so much of excitement brimming in me that I woke up over a half hour earlier than my set time. The alarm was supposed to ring several minutes from then, but my eyes were wide open at 4:30 am as I widened my pupils, all set to jump off the bed, exercise, and get with the course moving.

Once I was done with a brief stretching and exercising session, I grabbed my toothpaste and brush and headed to the hostel washroom. I intently brushed my teeth while flexing my big eyes and lips as I watched myself making funny faces in the mirror in the washroom with the brush going here and there in my mouth, playing hide and seek with the tongue. I could feel that I was already enjoying this morning, while almost everyone else in the hostel was asleep.

As soon as I was done brushing my teeth, I wet my eyes and got back to my room. I opened the stopwatch on my phone and set a timer for five minutes. And, over these five minutes, I went in for a quick meditation and relaxation ritual, which I had imbibed from a beautiful book, “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. During this course, I strive to channel every iota of energy and resolve within me on just one goal- To think nothing. To do nothing.

In this five-minute meditation routine, I try to embrace the silence in my surroundings, listen to the mellifluous chirping of the birds, and observe the sundry sounds that are always around me but hardly get my attention. This surreal experience has always been an enchanting and exhilarating one, as it has made me realize that there is always more to everything than I can perceive.

Anyway moving on, as I was done with this five-minute calmness session, I then began with the next big thing on my personal development agenda- Reading a book on motivation, inspiration, self-development, personality development, spirituality or philosophy related themes. I guess you got what I am trying to say. Basically reading a book which would give me boost of positive energy and motivation to sail through my day like a pro.

Ergo, it was just a few minutes to 5 am, when I grabbed my Kindle and started reading this new book I had got- “The Saint, The Surfer, and the CEO” by Robin Sharma. I was excited about it, and upbeat with great expectations as I had just finished reading another book by Robin yesterday evening. It was the masterfully written “The Leader Who Had No Title.”

FYI, it’s a highly recommended read as it turned out to be one of the best books I have ever invested my time, money, thoughts and energy into. In fact, after my eternal favourite book “Choose Yourself” by James Altucher, it is the next greatest book I have ever read. Just random fact about me: Choose Yourself was the first book I had ever read.

Getting back to the morning rituals, I can say as far as the starting of this new book is concerned, Robin’s insightful and imbuing wisdom nuggets didn’t disappoint the learner in me. Over the next one hour, I went on to read and imbibe the wisdom talk on “life and mortality” that ‘Cal’ shared with ‘Jack Valentine’ in the book. And, boy! It was a passionately written work where one could feel the grip attached with every word.

But, I had delineated a defined schedule to follow as I had more activities to complete before the clock hits 8 am and world starts moving. Ergo, as the clock hit 6 am, I got up, ready to move on to next step in my self-development plan. But, before getting on with that I realized I had run out of the water to drink. So, I ran to the water-cooler on the other corner of my hostel and got the water, drank a plenty of it and took a deep breath.

And, with that done, it was time for the next step. It was time to write. I chose this as an activity for my personal development because I see writing as one of the greatest assets that one can possess. I have been greatly benefitted from my writing habit in the past on spiritual and emotional terms, as it also happens to be my preferred medium of catharsis. So, today since I didn’t have any hard feelings or difficult thoughts to let go off via my words, I thought of scripting down what I have been up to.

And, that’s what these words which you are reading at present are a result of. I am writing these as a part of this morning ritual that I have begun with today. It’s 6:43 am on the clock as of this moment and I am done with the forty-five minutes long session of writing, I had set aside. Ergo, it’s about time I move onto the next stages of my agenda. I hope the reader enjoyed what they read.

Next up I will be getting on with another reading session, though this session has been specifically charted out for reading books on economic studies and related case studies. Right now I am 39% done with a book on Singapore’s Success by Henri Ghesquiere, and am learning about various reforms and policy maneuvers which led Singapore to realize such unprecedented and sustained economic growth levels for successive five decades.

Anyways, that’s my plan to enrich my present self by crafting out a special “Me time” every day. I hope the reader enjoyed what they just read. I also hope that these words may have augmented something valuable to the reader’s perspective. Best wishes! Smile, shine, learn and share. And most importantly, make sure you have a glorious day ahead, or a glorious tomorrow just in case reader is reading this post in the evening times 🙂



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