When I was young, society had not yet taught me to belittle my dreams, doubt my genius, and give up my passion. Back then, I was not averse to taking risks or learning new things. I was completely comfortable being exactly who I am, not having to try to satisfy or live up to the expectations of others.

As I grew a little older, I still had a lot of aplomb, courage, and vision breathing fire in me. I was mentally prepared to do whatever it takes to realize my dreams and pursue my passion. I used to dream of someday starring in movies, flying airplanes, driving a sports car, and running ginormous companies with offices in tall skyscrapers, from which I could see the entire cities.

I think almost anyone would agree to have had such big surreal dreams when they were kids. But, as I grew older, something terrible happened. The world around me started to do its job on me. The programming of my parents, my peers, their parents, and the society as a whole had begun to rewire the way I thought of my abilities, myself and the world around me.

The message that this swarm taught me was not to be original or a path-breaker. It taught me to embrace the status quo if necessary but never challenge it. It taught me to dream small, and dim my vision because I was a normal child from a common man’s family. It taught me that starring in films or owning big companies were not the right dreams for some like me.

As I grew older, this society only brainwashed me into doubting my innate magnificence which I was born with as a neonate. And, as that degradation was stretched all over my teenage, I eventually lost the entire sense of how great I was really capable of becoming! That is the impact that this society had on me.

I was born awesome. And, society taught me to doubt that awesomeness, dump it, and finally join the rat race. It clouded my dreams and turned them into the ones which taught me to get into a decent college, get a job, earn my boss good money so he/she will honour me with a promotion letter, and then marry a good girl and raise a happy large family.

The thing is, society’s proliferation of its fears and doubts deluged and corrupted my thoughts. Owing to this I forgot the immense potential I had sequestered in me and underestimate my abilities on every turn of life. It got me into believing that those dreams only come alive for sons and daughters of big people like Ambanis, Tatas, Gates or Kapoors.

In a nutshell, it made me bury my best and then sit over it hapless and clueless. And, I think it does that to almost everyone out there. And, once this degradation is done, seldom do people realize again in their entire lifetime that they were capable of so much more than they thought of themselves. And, I consider myself extremely lucky, for somehow that sacred epiphany hit me just at the right time.

And, that is why I feel I am special and lucky. I don’t exactly know how and when it happened that I began to feel so much confident about myself and my abilities again. But, somehow the enlightenment did happen, and as a happy consequence, I began to dream big again. And, it is only because of those grand dreams which I have envisioned for myself, that I have got myself a mission to work on in the present.

Unlike most who continue to live by the archaic and limiting rules of the society, I am no more prepared live by those agendas. I, therefore, try to retain the great values that this society is built upon but choose to rewrite the rules which I intend to live by. Because it’s my life. And, if I don’t make the best out of it, no one else is going to share that guilt with me on my death bed.

So, it’s better I just live by my maximum, even if it makes the society anxious or unhappy. For when the twilight of my life strikes, at least I would have a reason to feel proud that I tried to live a better and greater life. Bliss!




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