I was absolutely gobsmacked with the launch of Saubhagya Scheme by Prime Minister Modi yesterday.

Getting every house electrified by the end of December 2019. That is the premise of Saubhagya Scheme, ultimately culminating into the 24×7 Power for All by 2022 Mission, which was earlier launched by PM Modi. Now, that’s not just grand. That’s grandiose! It is something no one could have even imagined in their wildest dreams about India back in 2014. And, here we are with a dedicated policy and scheme to make that happen to create the new and shining India by the time we turn 75 years old as an independent nation.

On the one hand former PM, Dr. Singh said that we will provide housing for all. Then he was replaced by Narendra Modi who said we will do it by 2022. He gave that promise a firm date of completion. And, that is something which defines the impeccability and vision of him. The former PM said that we would have 20 GW of solar power capacity by 2020. That again was not enough to satiate PM Modi’s swag. So, he multiplied that target by mind-boggling five times to 100 GW by 2022!


That simply didn’t use to happen in India! This man has put a firm deadline on every single major policy or scheme that his Government brought into play. 2022, that’s the year when India completes 75 years of its independence, and that’s also the universal deadline. No other Prime Minister dared to make such commitments, but this man went on to break that trend. And, that deserves a lot of guts on an individual’s level, especially when you are the Prime Minister of a nation with 1.3 Billion people.

Many may argue that promises made by politicians don’t mostly turn into reality. Well, maybe that may very much happen in PM Modi’s case as well. But, for a minute I would request the reader to just lay that thought to rest for a minute and imagine something. Let’s just say that PM Modi ensures housing for all by 2022, as he committed. Let’s just say that there will be 24×7 electricity for all by 2022, as promised.

Also, let’s just say that the farming income will have been doubled by then and India will have surpassed the renewable energy generation target of 175 GW by the time India completes it’s 75 years of independence. Not to mention all our railways will be run on electric engines, and we will also have a bullet train to take pride for. How would being a citizen of that India feel like? Never in my life of 22 years, I thought that India even has a chance to transform that way. And, then this man forced me to think, “Well, Why not!”

He gave me hopes that even if not exactly there, we will indeed get very close to realizing that surreal seeming imagination of a new India by 2022. Also, given his track record, I can sort of say that he has been largely impeccable with his commitments. And, that bolsters my belief that he will indeed deliver a new and surreal India by 2022. Because if a man like him won’t be able to drive us closer to that reality, then I wonder who else will.

Maybe there would still be people without houses in 2022. But, their count will definitely not be as gargantuan as in the present. Maybe the Government will need some more time to ensure 24×7 electricity for all. But, again the penetration of electricity into our rural households, it’s generation, and consumption will all be way more superlative than the present picture. And getting close to achieving those big dreams will be no mean feat.

All, thanks to the dedicated policy push and missions being launched in these regards by the visionary PM Modi, I am sanguine we will be witness to a great transformation that India is presently undergoing. Bliss!



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