1. I almost ran into an electric pole the first time I drove a scooter as I didn’t know how much of ignition leads to what acceleration. Post that one chapter of life, I never needed another lesson on driving.
  2. I almost got a free pass for the first TEDx talk that was organized at my college this 12th. I slept just 10 minutes before the portal to apply for the free passes was to be thrown open, and missed the opportunity.
  3. I almost became an engineer, before I ultimately decided to give up something I would be a mediocre in, to pursue something else in which I have a shot at becoming masterclass as time passes and I get better at it. I then took up writing.
  4. I almost completed a month without eating anything fried but then ended up devouring a scrumptious Mc Maharaja on the 25th day. Only I know how much of guilt I had to live with the next few days for having given up just so soon.
  5. I almost saved Rs. 13,000 in a year by just cutting my expenses on canteen and outside eating. The amount I actually saved was Rs. 12,455. I used to add every penny saved out of fifty rupees of daily allowance I had set for myself to my savings jar.
  6. I almost failed in two subjects in the final year of my engineering, being saved by a margin of mere 3 and 7 marks in the two, which I have no idea how did I score against the stories I scripted on the answer sheet. Heartiest thanks to the respective professors.
  7. I almost killed myself after I didn’t make to any of my dream colleges, thinking I had let down and shamed my dear parents who had invested lots of their aspirations, and hard-earned money into my education over the years. Thankfully, my maternal uncle just came to my rescue in time.
  8. I almost watched the entire FRIENDS series, all ten seasons seven times. Yep, I have watched all the seasons of the fabled sitcom six times, while the seventh streak only survived till the ninth episode of the ninth season. I guess that makes me quite eligible to be called one of the greatest fans of the show.
  9. I almost wrote ten things which I have almost done. I know this is a clichéd way to end this answer, but I seriously can’t think of another point to add. Ergo, here I put the full stop.


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