I really wish that someday this particular person follows me back on Quora. But, not because I followed him or upvoted a lot of his answers, but because he actually feels that my posts and answers are actually worth his upvotes and followership. And, for that I have to work really hard because I know to get him to follow me back, I must prove to him that I am worth it.

Who is this individual man who has imbued me so much? He is, William Beteet, a man who also goes around by the brand of “The Lazy Philosopher.” And, no, he doesn’t uses that title because he is a narcissistic or self-obsessed man building fancy titles for himself. Rather, this prudent person is building a brand around his own self.


I have to commit, he is a person who I admire a lot for just one reason. It’s that, he is not waiting for someone to guide him in his pursuit, or help him ease up his struggles to realize his dreams. Neither is he frittering a single iota of his energy or time just lying around waiting for the sacred moment when his starts would line up.

Rather, he is just investing all he has into doing whatever he can do right now on his own to get closer to realizing his envisioned greatness. Now, that is one trait which I direly search for into people all around me. Why? Because those are the people who actually make this world the admirable place it is to my eyes.

This person wants to be a stand-up comedian, so he is going out there back to back, grilling and also getting grilled on the stages one show after another, night after night, practicing the art of live comic, to better his grasp and command. That’s the pristine blend of hard work and determination which in my belief makes a man worth way more than just another guy in the crowd.

While so many of us cry that we don’t great teachers to guide us, he is running a fantastic pod-cast by the means of which he gets to interact and learn from the very people who are at the top of their game. He too could have groused that he didn’t have the best teachers to learn from. But, he rather chose to build a mechanism where he could attract those teachers to come and teach him how to make it big.

But, my admiration for William increases by an extra notch for even another reason. Many who do have access to good enough teachers and have made it big in their domains, don’t tend to share their knowledge and the lessons from their journeys with others. People today are so self-centred that they forget that humanity is all about the community which stands for growing together through the life.

But, William is not one of those men. He is not even an iota of what those people are. He shares all that he learns from others and from his own experiences via his writings and also by creating YouTube videos about the same. While others are busy chartering their own paths to the pinnacle, this man is simultaneously pulling together so many others who need guidance and help from sage and wise souls like him.

He is the rare kind of a soul, which our world needs in abundance today. While people are busy praying, cursing, fighting, arguing, complaining, sleeping and worst of all, watching TV all day, this man is busy working his ass off to make sure that every day when he wakes up in the morning, he can present to the world a better version of himself, who would add joys to it, make it more beautiful and bring down its miseries by a tiny bit.

This man is living his life making small movements every single day to ensure that he gets a few steps closer to realizing his aspirations. And, in this very course, he is inspiring so very many of prosaic beings like me to wake up the next morning with a bit more of enthusiasm in my muscles and a solid vision in my eyes to realize, without squandering off just another minute living below my potential.

And, for inculcating such energy in me and so many others who read or listen to his writations and podcasts or videos, I sincerely thank him. And, just in case it is him reading these words at this moment, I just want you to know one thing- “You are seriously changing lives. Thanks for being the great inspiration you are to me.” Bliss!




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