Brushing my teeth thrice a day, once after each meal. That’s a habit I have gained from fabled Indian actor, Ayushmann Khurrana. And, this post is about the same. So, let’s begin!

I have pathetic gums and teeth. Like seriously pathetic. When I last visited a dentist over four months back, she threw the following rant at me- “You are 22, and your teeth are already 42!”

Now that was hurtful. And, also shameful. And, given how small the male ego is in general, I immediately took it to heart. There and then, at that precise moment, I determined to brush my teeth twice every day. And surprisingly, I did that. But, only for over ten days.

I am one of those indolent souls who consider brushing teeth a spoiler in the normal course of the day. I hate it so much, that until some time ago, I even used to skip brushing in the morning at times. So, walking around with a smelling mouth was fine with me, but not brushing once in the morning.

And yet, as I type these words, I am a person who brushes his teeth thrice a day, once immediately after each meal. No hyperboles, plain truth. How did the change happen? I have no idea about how, but I know when it began.

While watching a clip from The Kapil Sharma Show, featuring Indian actors Ayushmann Khurrana and Parineeti Chopra, I learned that Ayushmann brushes his teeth three-four times each day. Now, that definitely did leave me gobsmacked, and also a bit inspired maybe.

Screenshot (33).png

I have no clue, how the realization that “Ayushmann does it so I have to do it too” got to me. I mean, there had been umpteen instances in the past when I had decided to brush twice every day, but I rarely lived up to those commitments for even over a week.

It was probably because I really admire the kind of personality and principles the concerned actor decorates himself with. But, whatever the thing must have been, what matters is that the 22-year-old guy with 42-year-old teeth is now on to rewind the tide of time and get his teeth and gums back in shape.

The point I am trying to make is that life doesn’t always have to make sense like it doesn’t make any sense when someone else brushing his/her teeth thrice a day could have motivated me to do the same. Sometimes it just surprises us for the good, as it surprised me.

Also, another point I wish to raise is the following- Brush your teeth twice at the least, else your dentist too may have something similar to drop into your ears soon enough, “You are x-year-old, while your teeth look 2x-year-old.” And, going by my experience, it doesn’t feel good. Bliss!





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      Yet, thanks for the comment. Have an enriching day ahead!



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