Some time back, I received an A2A request on Quora. It asked me to elaborate on my understanding of the term, “Unconditional Love.” And, following post is all I had to share on the subject.

From my poop to puke, she has herself washed it all. Every time I had been sick and low, I didn’t have to ask her to take care of me. She was always just there holding my back, waving her warm palm over my greasy hair.

Not only has she cooked me countless scrumptious and hot meals, she has also always ensured that I get enough of the food before she begins to satiate her appetite. When more was left over, she happily fed herself to the fullest.

When less was leftover, she never groused. She continued to happily feed herself with what was left, and the joy from my content face. Apparently, my needs, aspirations and wishes always trumped her own, and she was not just fine with it. She was delighted to always placed me over her needs and desires.

I can cite such countless examples about my Maa. One may call it care. One may call it a mother’s duty. One may call it responsibility. But, in my opinion, she never owed me any of that. She did not have to make me her priority on every front of her life. But, she did it anyways.

And, that’s Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love is when you can be altruist enough to place someone over yourself and your prolonged dreams, aspirations and needs on every front of life and not want anything in return. Naught. And, thanks to my Maa, it’s the most pious form of love I have ever been exposed to. Bliss!



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