One does not need religion or prayers for good things to happen in the world. One simply needs to do good things to make the good happen in the world around them.

Can traveling days and nights to offer prayers at a holy shrine in Haridwar or Ajmer Sharif really make this world a better place? Visiting a nearby orphanage or old-age home can add more bliss to the world, I believe.

Can pouring volumes of milk and water on clay-made structures of Gods really help the world anyhow? I feel feeding the same milk to the street dogs and water to the birds can do much more good.

Can donating large sums of money, gold and silver to the religious trusts, organizations and temples et cetera really help anyone much? I guess providing better furniture at the nearby Govt. schools can do a greater good for those who need resources to learn better.

One does not need to be religious to be spiritual. To see the goodness flourish around oneself, one needs to themselves focus on doing good to the misery-struck world around them. The world needs lesser prayers and more of Samaritans. Bliss!



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